"I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!"
Voiced By Janet Varney
Franchise The Legend of Korra
Appears in Animation All-Stars
Debut The Legend of Korra
Welcome to Republic City
Apl 14, 2012
Rival Unknown
Korra is the daughter of Tonraq and Senna, and the immediate succesor to the Avatar, Aang. She is most skillful at water bending. She appears as a playable character in Animation All-Stars.



Korra is the successor to the previous Avatar, Aang, who is the last of the air benders. Born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe, Korra managed to tame a polar bear dog at a young age. Though when she arrived in Republic City, she found her father was taken by the anti-bender, Amon, and therefor was taken under the wing of Aang himself. Alongside her friends, Korra fights as a resistance against the anti-benders.



Korra is shown in Republic City fighting Equalists then Aang came and warned Kora about a War with different fighters.


Name: Po

Reason: Korra is in a mysterious forest and Then Po appeared. Kora thinks he caused it and punched him. Then Po said," Okay! Prepare to feel the thunder!"

Connection: They are both similar to combat. They both aired on Nickelodeon.


Kora saved Republic city then Equalists attacked and she says," Back Again."


Korra uses her bending abilities to the fullest. She is also an agile character.


  • A/Square Moves:
  • B/Triangle Moves:
  • Y/Circle Moves:
  • Grabs:


  • Tidal Wave (Level 1) - Korra's eyes glow blue and she summons a massive wave infront of her. The wave will KO any opponents it hits.
  • Rock and Roll (Level 2) - Korra creates an earthquake with great range that can KO any opponents.
  • Energy Bending (Level 3) - A cinematic shows Korra gaining a white glow from her. By this point, A/Square button will launch a fireball, B/Triangle button, will create a tornado, and Y/Circle button will create a water pillar. All these moves will instantly KO opponents.

Quotes & TauntsEdit


  • Too Easy: Korra makes a karate pose and says "C'mon!" or "That it?"
  • Avatarget: Korra shows off her water-bending skills.


  • Character Selection:
    • "Make way for the Avatar!"
    • "This is it!"
    • "Time for a bending beatdown!"
  • Item Pick-Up
    • "Hope this'll be useful."

Intros & OutrosEdit


  • Thirsty?: Korra is already standing there. She has some water form around her hands, then prepares to fight.
  • Earth-Bending: Korra jumps from out of the ground and slams onto the floor, then readies to fight.

Winning ScreenEdit

  • All Right!: Korra jumps up into the air excitedly.
  • Burning Victory: Korra performs some tricks with her firebending skills.

Losing ScreenEdit

  • If using All Right: Korra is just sitting there, looking depressed.
  • If using Burning Victory: Korra's clothes are on fire, and she user her waterbending on herself.



  • Mako (reach Rank 8 with Korra)
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