Primary Representation Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy
Secondary Representation Silent Hill Downpour
Appears in Guardians Of The Galaxy
Kyln is a DLC stage made by Jacky 50A that is a part of the Downpour Galaxy DLC Pack. It's primary representation is Guardians Of The Galaxy and the secondary representation is Silent Hill, primarily the Downpour.


The battle takes place in the interior of Kyln, where the prisoners reside there and Nova Corps guards and drones are also there. At first, there is no hazards at the stage. But later, the light blacks out, and when a guard turns on again the light, a prisoner is slaughtered by a Doll that bit the prisoner's face to death. The guards tried to kill the Doll but one of the guards gets ambushed by Weeping Bat and gets thrown away. The guard's corpse is going to be thrown away as an hazard. Then, the prisoners panicked and suddenly, a Prisoner Juggernaut showed up between the other prisoners and began throwing them away. Then, Rhomann Dey comes in and decimates the Juggernaut and ended up throwing it away. Then, behind him comes a group of Prisoner Minions that is going to attack Rhomann. But, a drone shot the minions away. Suddenly, the Void showed up and began sucking everyone including the monsters. The Void became an obstacle too. If a character gets sucked in, the character will get KO'd and a random amount of AP will be given to a random character. Then, other guards showed up to see the threat again. But then, a guard suddenly sees a Tormented Soul and alerts the other guards. When suddenly the lights came out again, there is a random hazard, blood began to spill all over the stage and can reduce a character's AP by 10 each time hit. And when the lights came back again, A Screamer appeared and became a hazard that can shoot sonic screams at the characters, reducing their AP by 20. When it is near the end of the stage, more Screamers came. But, some Guardians appeared and beats them all down. Then, Vance Astro noticed something weird when he killed a screamer. Suddenly, a Meat Cleaver bursted out of the Screamer and luckily, Astro evaded the knife. Suddenly, all the Screamers gets blown up and out of them summoned many random items and weapons from Silent Hill that spins around. The Guardians tried to regroup but one of them, Phylla-Vell AKA Quasar gets stabbed by 10 Cleavers. Charlie-27 rushes to help Quasar but the timer of the stage ends and suddenly all the items are gone, so does the Guardians.

Characters On This StageEdit

Guardians Of The GalaxyEdit

  • Vance Astro
  • Quasar
  • Charlie-27
  • Rhomann Dey
  • Nova Corps guards
  • Kyln drones
  • Kyln prisoners

Silent Hill DownpourEdit

  • Doll
  • Weeping Bat
  • Prisoner Juggernaut
  • Prisoner Minions
  • The Void
  • Tormented Soul
  • Screamer


  • Some Silent Hill creatures here also appeared in Oakside Park

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