400px-Laharl Big (Disgaea 2)


laharl the main character of the original Disgaea: hour of darkness and now Disgaea Dimension 2 joins playstation allstars battle royale in the sequel


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Rival: yuna

connection: both from jrpg's on ps2 laharl is a demon that can be summoned and contracted, while yuna is summoner. while not likely allies they would likely have some respect for each other



  • super level 1
  • super level 2: tower attack 9 allies ( mix of main characters and generics) stand on top of laharl in a tower and unleash a series of attacks on 1 opponent
  • super level 2 alternate: team attack teams up with 3 allies to do combo attack on 1 opponent
  • super level 3: meteor impact . jumps into the air onto large meteor rides meteor down onto level laughing heartily attack destroys opponent on almost any part of the level

Intros, outros, and tauntsEdit


  • tbw
  • tbw
  • tbw

winning screensEdit

  • laughs heartily while crossing arms over chest
  • tbw
  • tbw

losing screensEdit

  • makes terrifying face of extreme rage including sharp teeth and glowing red eyes
  • kneels on ground with scarf wrappping around his body
  • prepares to destroy the entire planet as revenge for his defeat


  • laughs heartily while crossing his arms
  • tbw
  • tbw

Extra CostumesEdit


laharl transformed into a woman appears in disgaea d2

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