Paris, France
Le Paradox's Blimp
Le Paradox's Blimp

Primary Representation Sly Cooper
Secondary Representation Crash Bandicoot

Paradox's Blimp is a level from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time in the DLC Pack Villains. It is a Sly Cooper/Crash Bandicoot stage and serves as Grizz's home stage.


The level is inside Le Paradox's Blimp in the area where Sly fought Le Paradox. Cyrille's same machine used against Sly is here piloted by Cyrille himself. The mech will sometimes extend it's arms at you or shoot beams of stink. Rat Troopers are found across the level walking but may sometimes shoot you. Once enough time has passed, the portal behind the mech opens into a clock and Doctor Nefarious Tropy appears from it, he then blasts Cyrille and his mech which explodes, sending Le Paradox out of the blimp. N. Tropy will slam his staff and the level will time-warp into the High Seas Hi-Jinks level where N. Tropy along with Nitrus Brio were fought. The level is now filled with water and small platforms to walk and fight. Brio and Tropy are seen in the background, Brio will drink his potion, turning him into an Amphibious Monster. He will sometimes jump onto the platforms, sinking them. Tropy will shoot waves of red electricity or balls of electricity at you. Once some time has passed, a warp hole appears in the background which shows Le Paradox's blimp, it'll take out a small time machine and send the fighters to Ancient Egypt, where the stage ends.

Characters Appearing on the StageEdit


The music is a remix of Lovely Night for a Sword Fight from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, composed by Peter McConnell and Michael Bricker. The second half is a remix of N. Tropy's battle from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.


  • Le Paradox's Blimp is one of the stages where you can get knocked off (although it's only on the blimp part)
    • It is also the only stage in the game that features both falling hazards and water hazards.
      • It also has three main hazards in the level.
  • This stage is considered the longest one in the game.

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