Level 1 Supers are the weakest supers, but they are the easiest to obtain. So far, they seem to be more close range than other supers. They vary in effectiveness from character to character.

List of Level 1 SupersEdit

Avenger (Jin Kazama)Edit

Jin steps back and charges energy within him, then unleashes a punch that takes out opponents in front of him.

KG Rocket (Erol)Edit

Erol summons a KG rocket next to him, which remains stationary until either Erol hits it or the AP timer runs out.

Grenade-Tipped Crossbow (Marshal Luger)Edit

Luger will take out a crossbow and go into aiming mode, then, regardless of whether or not it hits an enemy, the bolt will explode in seconds.

Super Spirit Bomb (Goku)Edit


  • Erol's Level 1 is the only Level 1 that cannot be cancelled by being interrupted by attacks.

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