Level 2 Supers are in the middle of power and effectiveness between Level 1 Supers and Level 3 Supers. So far, they all seem to last longer than Level 1 Supers, be easier to control, and have a larger range. The biggest difference between level 1s and 2s is the fact that level 2s can only be stopped by other supers, whereas lv 1s could be stopped by taking damage.

List of Level 2 SupersEdit

Hellfire Blast (Jin Kazama)Edit

Jin struggles to stand, then after a few seconds, unleashes a beam from his third eye, which travels downward from the floor up to the middle of the screen, taking out any enemies that it touches.

Blast Bot (Erol)Edit

Erol summons a large Blast Bot, which attacks the opponents for a short duration.

Air Raid (Dante (Classic))Edit

Dante takes on his Nevan Devil Trigger Form and rains death over his opponents with electrified arrows.

Allen O'Neil (Marco Rossi)Edit

Allen will Appeared & shoot Marco with M60 Machine Gun, but each fire cannot damage or kill Marco rather damaged or KOing opponent if caught on fire.


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