Level 3 Supers are the strongest move a character has. When a player starts using the attack, all the opponents' AP meters are disabled for use. Although the player has to fill the 3 AP meters competely, it's worth it since Level 3's kill all opponents and are either very hard to avoid or impossible to get away from. During Timed Match, the timer freezes when it's active so the user can have time to score more kills consecutively. Using Level 3 Supers, the player can score a maximum or 3, 6 or 9 kills, depending on the Super used.

List of Level 3 SupersEdit

The Devil Within (Jin Kazama)Edit

Jin becomes Devil Jin and can use lunges and beam attacks to gain kills, as well as his wings to fly after enemies.

Terraformer (Erol)Edit

Erol teleports the opponents to the Terraformer, where he pilots and uses the head to slam or fire lasers at them, all while they are attacked by Dark Makers.


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