North Atwood
London Underground
Primary Representation Uncharted
Secondary Representation Overlord
London Underground is DLC stage made by Jacky 50A that is based on Uncharted and Overlord.


You start fighting on a train rail. After you scored 1 knock out, a train will appear. The train can crash everyone in the stage, it is unavoidable, but it takes away just 1 AP. Later, after 5 trains appeared, there will be the 6th train. Suddenly, the train that wants to hit everyone stopped. Suddenly, there are platforms made of stone appearing out of the ground. It is revealed that the Second Overlord summons the platforms. Later, the Second Overlord began to try harm the characters in the battlefield by summoning a tornado that spawns from the right side of the stage. After 2 minutes, the Second Overlord was suddenly shot down by a T-Bolt Sniper that was used by Charlie Cutter. Then, Charlie replaces the Second Overlord as the stage hazard. He will deploy Auto Turrets that insta kills everyone in 1 shot and drains their AP by 10. Later, the Second Overlord summons Melvin Underbelly to kill Charlie Cutter. Melvin appears from the stage's background. During his appearence, a lot of bricks are launched to the field. Later, after the battle is finished, Melvin was shot down by Katherine Marlowe with a Mag 5 to the leg, incapacitating Melvin. Then, the Second Overlord and Melving Underbelly was captured by Katherine and her agents.

Characters Appearing On StageEdit

  • Second Overlord (Overlord)
  • Charlie Cutter (Uncharted)
  • Melvin Underbelly (Overlord)
  • Katherine Marlowe (Uncharted)

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