Marluxia KHD
Voiced By Keith Ferguson
Franchise Kingdom Hearts
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction Royale
Debut Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Marluxia is the main villain of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a DLC Minion.


Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃 Yūga-naru Kyōjin?, lit. Graceful Assassin's Blade), is Rank XI within the original Organization XIII, the lord of Castle Oblivion, and the main antagonist of Sora's story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He controls flowers, and he uses this attribute to command flower-themed minions to shoot beams of destructive energy, as well as to bombard the opponent with flurries of petals. Scythes are his weapon of choice. Originally discovered by senior Organization members Xigbar and Xaldin, Marluxia is the mastermind of an internal rebellion in the Organization against Xemnas, putting him at odds with fellow members Axel and Zexion. Marluxia makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and is a playable character in Mission Mode.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

  • Marluxia appears as a Downloadable Minion that can be purchased for $0.49. However you can also buy him in a small pack of $1.99 or along with all the other minions for the price of $4.99.

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