Megaman 8 roll powered up-31618

MegaMan 8 Roll is one of Roll's DLC costumes in MegaMan: Powered Up. This costume made it's debut in MegaMan 8.

Connection to All-StarsEdit

  •  This costume could be an unlockable costume for Roll

Color SchemesEdit

  • Red Dress & Boots, Green Ribbon, Blue Buttons, Dark Purple sleeves, White top & cuffs. (default)
  • Blue Dress & Boots, Green Ribbon, Orange Buttons, Pink Sleeves, White top & cuffs.
  • Gold Dress & Boots, Blue Ribbon, Brown Buttons, White Sleeves, Silver top and cuffs.
  • Dark Green Dress & Boots, Pink Ribbon, Purple Buttons, Neon Green Sleeves, Hot Pink top and cuffs.

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