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1894351-wfc megatron
Leader, Warrior, Self-Proclaimed Savior
Voiced By Frank Welker
Franchise Transformers
Appears in Cybertron series
Debut War For Cybertron

Megatron is the main antagonist of the Transformers series, being a rep for War For Cybertron, and he appears in PSASBR as a boss.


Megatron, formerly known as Megatronus, is a powerful warrior of Kaon, the now Decepticon Capital. Growing up as a giant titan made of the purest metal, a Gladiator whose strength outnumbered all but one Prime.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

Megatron serves as a new boss for the game.


  • Intro
    • "Disgusting."
  • During the match:
    • "No one here can defeat me!"
    • "Muahahahaha!"
  • Summoning Minions:
    • "My minions will do my bidding"
    • "Give up!" (during Phase 3)
  • Before transforming:
    • "This party ends now."
    • "Can you survive the mind melting intensity of such Deceptive Constructions?"
    • "Brace yourself for a blast of ultimate power."
    • "You are not ready."
  • After reverting back:
    • "Had enough?"
    • "You have not conceded? Good."
  • Before slamming onstage:
    • "You've been training.."
    • "Too easy"
  • When you got K.O.ed:
    • "Weakling
  • When you are defeated:
    • ​"This is just the beginning!"
    • "Game over."
  • After taking damage:
    • "Never again will I be weak."
    • "I am truly unbeatable"
    • "Do not hate, there is no need for sore loosers."
    • "You only prolong the inevitable."
  • After being defeated:
    • "How could this happen? Mark my words heroes, you have not seen the last of me!"



The player character is suddenly teleported towards a destroyed city. Megatron then appears.


  • Summon Minicons
  • Smash - smashes the stage with his humongous fists.


  • Tank
  • Turret

Game OverEdit

Megatron says "Game Over" then laughs as your character is corrupted by Dark Energon.


Megatron proclaims, "How could this happen? None but a prime have beaten me, Mark my words heroes, you have not seen the last of me!", and suddenly disappears in a flash of light.


  • This would be the game's second boss shown.

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