Modern Star-Lord
Modern Star Lord
Vital statistics
Title Modern Star-Lord
Series of Origin Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy
Based on Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #1
Modern Star-Lord is an alternate costume for Star-Lord. It is a DLC costume that is available to be bought for $ 0.99. If the player bought the Downpour Galaxy DLC Pack, the costume is already included with Star-Lord himself, making it free if the player bought the DG DLC Pack.


  • Default: As seen in the right picture.
  • Yellow: Red colors in the suit are now yellow.
  • Orange: Red colors in the suit are now orange.
  • Blue: Red colors in the suit are now blue.


Although it isn't really clear if Star-Lord uses this in Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #1, this was the suit that Star-Lord wears in the comics before the other movie costume is more well known. In Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #1, Star-Lord wears a suit similar to this, but with white gloves and yellow accents, but still with the classic bluish color. But what is the most iconic is the fact he wields his first weapon of choice before the Element Guns, which is a Kree SMG that can switch normal rounds with explosive rounds. But what is more known, he wears this during his leading times in the Dirty Dozen squad.


  • Although the costume replaces Star-Lord's Element Guns with his firstly iconic Kree SMGs, the Kree SMGs worked the same like the Element Guns in the game, but this is only for gameplay mechanics.
    • However, in the animated series of the Avengers, Star-Lord uses a gun similar to the Kree SMGs that shoots laser beams.
  • If Star-Lord equips this, his minions also appeared in the Modern Costume.

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