Monopoly Street
Primary Representation Monopoly
Secondary Representation SX Superstar

Monopoly Street is one of the board maps in Monopoly Streets, as well as a Pichu95's DLC Stage on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It's a mashup with Monopoly and SX Superstar.


The Stage begins with a Monopoly board which then transform into Monopoly Street and Rich Uncle Pennybags AKA Mr. Monopoly will appear after the board transform, welcoming the players and the characters to Monopoly. The stage has a huge street in the background with the words 'MONOPOLY' inbetween. After a while, Mr. Monopoly will release a card which transport some BMX Racers to the stage. The racers will do tricks to the stage which can hurt players in the air, losing AP to them. After a while, Mr. Monopoly will give a trophy to a random racer and them claps to the winning racer.

Characters appearing in the stageEdit

Mr. Monopoly (Monopoly)

BMX Racers (SX Superstar)


The first pharse of the stage starts with a Techno version of the menu of Monopoly Streets and the second phrase of the stage has a R&B version of the menu of SX Superstar.

Stage Ideas
Bullworth IconHollywood IconOakside Park IconVendecentre IconMonopoly Street IconSlaughterhouse Icon

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