Mother Base is a new stage in PSASBR 2 which represents MGSV TPP and acts as a promotional stage for that game. It's a medium sized stage letting you fight on different platforms before the main crossover with Tom Clancys HAWX.

Description Edit

The stage starts off barren if you have no MGSV TPP data but builds up as it becomes more populated but if you do have MGSV TPP Data then you'll get lot's of soldiers on the stage. It's very quiet but at random enemies will start attacking force you to take cover in the stage then a siren blares later on and Jets from HAWX 1 and 2 start attacking causing some of mother base to drown into the ocean.

Characters on this stage Edit

  • Random background soldiers
  • Kazuhira Miller (Also in background)
  • Venom Snake or Big boss if your playing as venom snake (In Background yet again)
  • Eli (In Background)

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