Primary Representation Motorstorm
Secondary Representation ModNation

Motorstorm, named after the series, is a stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale II based on Motorstorm and ModNation Racers.


In a far-off desert, a race begins in the distance between a large pack of vehicles of all sizes and types. From there, the race takes place in the distance, with various vehicles being taken out over the course of the race. Halfway through, the bike takes the lead, but then the terrain suddenly changes from the desert to a tropical jungle. The bike stops, narrowly avoiding running over a large log, then as it backs up, the monster truck drives up a ramp into the air, threatening to land on the bike's rider. Just as it is airborne, Tag emerges in his kart, stops right in front of the bike and its rider, and activates his shield. The monster truck strikes the shield and is knocked away with full force toward the stage and the combatants, even losing one of its tires in the process. From there, multiple other mods and karts emerge from behind as Tag takes off and the bike's rider, after scratching his head, rides off as well. The race continues with the remaining vehicles racing with the other karts as the environment then changes two more times over the course of the battle; into an arctic tundra, then a ruined cityscape. At the end of the battle, the vehicles and karts are parked in front of the stage as the riders and mods cheer for the victor.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

  • Bike (Motorstorm)
  • ATV (Motorstorm)
  • Buggy (Motorstorm)
  • Rally Car (Motorstorm)
  • Racing Truck (Motorstorm)
  • Mudplugger (Motorstorm)
  • Big Rig (Motorstorm)
  • Monster Truck (Motorstorm)
  • Tag (ModNation Racers)


  • The four separate settings are a reference to the four Motorstorm titles; the desert (the first), a tropical jungle (Pacific Rift), an icy tundra (Arctic Edge), and a ruined cityscape (Apocalypse).
  • The monster truck nearly running over the bike's rider is reminiscent of the ending of the Pacific Rift teaser trailer.

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