Murdoc is one of the member's of the band gorillaz and also a fighter in PSABR 2. His attack's are mostly heavy and is more easier to master if your a veteran of PSABR.


Opening:Murdoc and the rest of the gorillaz are leaving after a concert until murdoc see's a blue rift portal so the rest of the band stand back worried. Murdoc enter's it and is suprised to see where he is at the battle royale.

Rival:Hatsune Miku

Reason:Murdoc is Looking around the rival arena for 2D and Noodle until he see's Hatsune Miku and he ask's her "would you like to join the band?" so Hatsune Miku refuses and Murdoc say's "I never wanted to fight a woman but here goes!"

Connection:Both are connected to Music since Miku is a android who sing's while Murdoc is a part of a viral band and perform's in concert's.

Ending:Murdoc return's with the power of polygon man and back in Kong Studios he does a guitar solo which is amazing and 2D Applaud's him.

Moveset:Square Punch just your normal punch

Square Up A average Uppercut

Square Down Murdoc does what he call's "A Downcut"

Triangle Riif Murdoc does a riff with his guitar el diablo

Triangle left/right Murdoc Does the riff move left or right

Circle:Rock Throw Murdoc throw's a rock at the opponet.

Circle Up Flamebreathe Murdoc breathes fire in the air

Circle down:Slide Kick Murdoc does a slide kick to the opponet

Level 1:Dirty Harry Murdoc fire's a pistol at the opponet

Level 2:Road Rage Murdoc get's in the geep from the cover of the first gorillaz album and you can control it driving around the stage.

Level 3:El Diablo! Murdoc get's his guitar and play's a incredibly loud guitar riff killing all the opponet's.

Costumes:The normal Murdoc's costume seen in this music video around the 0:30 mark

Shirtless:Murdoc without his shirt and his pant's on.

Trivia:Murdoc is one of the only all-star's who's related to music next to parappa and hatsune miku.

In PSABR Online Kong studios was going to be a world and 2D,Noodle and Russel would inhabit it and the enemies would be a army of cloned member's of the band failed clone experiment's.Also Musician/Rockstar was gonna be a occupation and 2D would be your good musician/rockstar mentor while Murdoc would be your evil mentor.

Minion's:Russel (Unlocked at Level 3)

2D (Unlocked at Level 4)

Cyborg Noodle (Unlocked at Level 6)

Noodle (Unlocked at Level 8)

The Bogeyman (Unlocked at Level 12)

Victory Themes:Generic

Feel good inc


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