Murphy Pendleton is the hero of Silent Hill Downpour and is a newcomer to Playstation Allstars Battle Royale 2 He is a escaped convict and has escaped from Silent hill to parcipate in the PSABR tournament. He is best at using normal attacks like square and circle but Murphy's not that fast and He's a medium tier character he can sprint but can't double jump only do a weak frontflip or a boring jump.

Biography (Escaped Convict)

Murphy Pendleton is the protaganist of Silent Hill Downpour He managed to escape his prison bus into Silent Hill which was where his personal demons were unleashed against him. He managed to escape the town and fight in the PSABR tournament.

Legacy of Murphy Pendleton:

Silent Hill Downpour (2012)


Square:Basic punch does some damage

Square Up:A uppercut doing a bit more damage

Square Down:Just a punch to the ground

Triangle:A crowbar doing a fair amount of damage

Triangle Up:A swipe at the air with the crowbar Doing lots of damage

Triangle Down:a quick swipe at the ground doing some damage

Circle:a Kick doing some damage

Circle Up:A kick in the air up Doing fair damage

CIrcle Down:A kick to ground doing some damage

Taunts:Can't touch me Murphy does a little dance and says "You can't touch me*

Angry dance Murphy dances angryily

Counting finger's Murphy count's his fingers

Level 1 super Crash The Prison Bus that was escorting murphy fall on it's side crushing everyone

Level 2 super chaos Loads of monsters appear attacking the Fighters in the stage

Level 3 super Pyramid Head Pyramid Head is summoned and appears killing everyone with his knife

Winning screen taunt

My lucky day Murphy just stands there and say's it's my lucky day"

Losing screen taunt:Murphy falls on floor sobbing and begging

Costumes:Default costume Wearing a brown jacket and a black shirt underneath.

Level 4:Inmate attire

Opening:Murphy is walking away from silent hill and is narrating saying "I escaped that personal hell and was ready for the next challenge so a rift appeared and I went in and that was the beginning"

Rival:Aiden Pearce

Both are Antiheroes Aiden's a Hacker while Murphy's a escaped prison convict

Both are from M rated games Watch_Dogs For the violence swearing and sexual content while Silent Hill Downpour was M rated for the disturbing content

Ending:Murphy continue's narrating saying "I walked back to the town and I was amazed. I now had a hell of a story to tell everyone including the DJ.

Victory themes:Generic

Silent hill Downpour theme shortened

And that's all. Thanks for reading my character idea of having Murphy in PSABR 2

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