Crash twinsanity 31
N.Sanity Island

This stage will be a mixture between Crash Bandicoots N.Sanity Island and Tomb Raiders (2013) Yamatai island.

Section headingEdit

The stage will be based of the Crash Twinsanity version. The left side of the stage will be the ocean where there will be few rocks to stand on, the further left is the deepiest of the water. About 1/4 of the stage will be the ocean where half of it will be deep water and the other half will be shallow water. 1/4 of the stage will be the beach itself where it will a flat lay out, execpt for a few holes in which occasionally the crabs from Crash Twinsanity will come out and attack. the last half of the stage will be the grass layout from Crash Twinsanity where Crashs house can be seen and a few haystack are, which can be attacked and fly around, giving a bit of height and can ducked behind to avoid an attack. 

After a halfway point in the match, The Cortex Vortex will be seen from afar coming in from the left side firing laser beams at the stage, the target can be seen like in Carmelita Fox in the Alden Tower stage so you have time to avoid it. Once the Cortex Vortex gets to closer to the island, the sky will turn grey and a storm will be begin (Curse of the Yamatai island and the wrath of the Sun Queen) and lightning will strike down in the background aswell as hit the Cortex Vortex which will be set onfire and crash onto the beach. the Cortex Vortex will crash head first into the beach and grass section. 

This will change the layout of the flat stage as you can now jump on the Cortex Vortex, occasionally the thrusters on the back will active, first giving off a little spark to indicate the thrusters will active for the player, if hit you will be knocked up into the air and lose some AP. The background will consist of a dark cloudy background with a wind tornado in the ocean and lightning strike down.

Pictures will be added to get a gerenal idea if you can't visualise it.

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