Naughty Bear
Voiced By ???
Franchise Naughty Bear
Debut Naughty Bear (2010)
Rival ???
Naughty Bear is the main protagonist of the Naughty Bear Franchise. He appears as a DLC character for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Biography Edit


Even though his name is Naughty, he is actually a nice, kind bear who likes to chase the fluffrogs, play pranks on all the other bears and do what other bears do. However, the other bears don't like him and try their best to get rid of him for good. But on one fateful day, when Naughty try to give someone a present he made himself, the other bears laughed at him. After this, Naughty came up with a easy sollution to ifx this, Kill all the Bears on the island.


  • Naughty Bear
  • Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Arcade Edit

Opening Edit


Rival Edit




Ending Edit


Gameplay Edit

(Square Moves) Edit

  • Square-Machete Slash-Hits eniemes with a 2 hit attack.
  • Side Square-Axe Swing-Swipes eniemes with a chopping swing.
  • Up Square-Meat Cleaver-Throws a Meat Cleaver in a arc.
  • Down Square-Sledgehammer-Smashes the ground, stunning eniemes.
  • Square(Air)-Air Machete Slash
  • Side Square(Air)-Air Axe Swing
  • Up Square(Air)-Air Meat Cleaver
  • Down Square(Air)-Air Sledgehammer

(Triangle Moves) Edit

  • Triangle-Silenced Pistol-Shoots 3 shots before reloading.
  • Side Triangle-Shotgun-launches eniemes with a blast of shotgun shells.
  • Up Triangle-Revolver-Shoots a powerful shot in the air.
  • Down Triangle-Oozy-Shoots a spray of bullets at his feet.
  • Triangle(Air)-Air Pistol
  • Side Triangle(Air)-Air Shotgun
  • Up Triangle(Air)-Air Revolver
  • Down Triangle(Air)-Oozy Spray-Shoots directly below him.

(Circle Moves) Edit

  • Circle-Pow3r F1sts-Preforms a punch that stuns eniemes.
  • Side Circle-Vampire Claws-Slashes foward with metal claws
  • Up Circle-Potent Herbicide-Sprays a weed killing substance that poisions anyone hit by it.
  • Down Circle-Bear Trap-Pots down a bear trap that captures anyone for a few seconds.
  • Circle(Air)-Pow3r F1sts Jab-Does a quick punch.
  • Side Circle(Air)-Air Vampire Claws
  • Up Circle(Air)-Air Herbicide
  • Down Circle(Air)-Air Bear Trap

(Throws) Edit

  • Side Throw-Scarey Face-Scares the enieme and throws them away.
  • Up Throw-Baseball Bat-Launches the enieme upward with a home run.
  • Down Throw-Stomp-Crushes the enieme with his bear foot.

(Supers) Edit

  • Level 1-Golden Oozy-Shoots a spray of bullets that kill anyone caught in it.
  • Level 2-Bazooka-Launches a rocket that explodes in a wide area, killing anyone caught in the blast.
  • Level 3-Total Defluffication-Naughty prepares all his weapons and gets ready for a killing spree. This super is a screen nuke, during the cutscene, Naughty can be seen attack the other fighters and killing them using different objects from his games.

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