Voiced By Tara Strong
Franchise Xiaolin Showdown
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Xiaolin Showdown
Rival Prince Zuko

Omi is the main protagonist of Xiaolin Showdown and is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.



Omi was abandoned as a child at the Xiaolin Temple in what is presumably China. From that point he was trained in the Xiaolin Martial arts and at some point was chosen to become the Dragon of the Water, and special Xiaolin martial artist with the ability to control and create water to aid him in combat. Omi was raised in a very isolated environment and as such is very out of touch with modern day culture. It's because of this that he originally rejected the other four chosen Dragon (A Brazilian Surfer, a Japanese daughter of an electronics company, and a Texan Cowboy). However through their adventures together Omi grew very close with his fellow Dragons. But this still doesn't help him use slang correctly...


  • Xiaolin Showdown - PS2/PSP (2006)


Opening:              Edit

The three xiaolin warriors's and master,kimiko,raimundo,clay,and master fung are discussing about what happin to their stolin  shen gong wu,thinking it mitght be jack spicer,clay notices that omi is not here and think he's in bed,omi then come's telling everyone that it is not jack,he said's that jack came to the dojo and said to give back HIS shen gong wu that was stolen from him,master fung then conclude's that a new foe is stealing the shen gong wu,omi say's he'll volunteer to find the culprit and find the missing shen gong wu,master fung say's he wishes omi good luck and recive the lost the shen gong wu and bring the culprit to justice.raimundo then say's he put's in 20$ if he dos'ent come back,kimiko then scold raimundo.


Name: Prince Zuko

Reason: omi is seen walking around the the rival arena all tierd and regerting going out for the adventere,and say's raimundo should have  gone instead of him,when omi looks up he see's a bag,excited,omi run's up to the bag and open's it,finding all of stolen shen gong wu,as he jump's for joy,he shout's out "what could possibly go wrong?"as soon as he said's that,fire come's out of nowhere and his head get's on fire,when omi panick's and put's out the fire off his head,he starts to levitate water around him look's to the side of him to see that zuko has fire in his hand's, angry,omi state's if he should be using fire to hurt peoplelike that ,zuko say's he only uses it to fight evil and he say's that a little kid shouldn't be playing with magical artifact's,omi say's that he know's the about the shen gong wu and it shouldn't be in his hand's,wich get's zuko angry,he say's if he's not going to give up the artifact's then he's going to take it away by force,and both get ready to battle. 

Connection: At their core, Xiaolin Showdown and Avatar: The Last Airbender have a lot in common. Both shows lasted for three season and star a young, bald monk with the ability to control the elements through martial arts who travel around on their quests with a group of friends who can control other base elements the same way. Also the main villains of the first season of both shows were a fiery and misunderstood team who at their core wasn't really evil who traveled with an old master who gave them advice. Omi and Zuko both use opposing elements in their fighting styles, water for Omi and fire for Zuko. Both also have a connection to dragons, Omi being the Dragon of Water and using a Dragon as his main transport while Zuko has learned fire bending from Dragons as well as firebending having its roots with the Dragons.


omi is at the entrance holding the bag of shen gong wu,clay,raimundo,kimiko,and dojo run to omi glad see that he's ok,muster fung goes up to omi and congrat's him on finding the shen gong wu,omi say's that he was unable to find the culprit,master fung say's that finding the shen gong wu matter'd the most and omi did a great job,before master fung could say anything else,dojo starts freaking out,he senses a shen gong wu,when he get's the scoll he find's out it's an easy wu to get an think's omi can get it by himself,omi then goes out to get the shen gong wu,when master fung tells he dragon master's to do their traning,raimundo pulls out a telescope to see if omi will even last one second,raimudo then get's surprise that he sees that ap is showing out of omi


Omi is an agile, mixed attacker with the potential to rack up large combos if used correctly. He fighting style combines use of his own martial arts skills and various signature Shen Gong Wu that Omi has used.


Btn square
(Square Moves)

  • Xiaolin Combo - Btn square
  • Tiger Strike - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn square
  • Rising Crane - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn square
  • Tornado Strike - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square
  • Eagle Claw - Btn square (Air)
  • Sparrow Eating Hotdog - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn square (Air)
  • Monkey Swinging on Vine - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn square (Air)
  • Tornado Strike - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square (Air)
Btn triangle
(Triangle Moves)

  • Orb of Tornami - Btn triangle
  • Orb of Tornami: ICE! - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn triangle
  • Tornado Strike: WATER! - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn triangle
  • Ice Slide - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn triangle
  • Heavy Rain - Btn triangle (Air)
  • Aerial Ice - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn triangle (Air)
  • Tornado Strike: ICE! - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn triangle (Air)
  • Waterfall - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn triangle (Air)
Btn circle
(Circle Moves)

  • Golden Tiger Claws - Btn circle
  • Thorn of Thunderbolt - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle
  • Mantis Flip Coin - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle
  • Two Ton Tunic - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn circle
  • Golden Tiger Claws - Btn circle (Air)
  • Serpents Tail - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle (Air)
  • Reversing Mirror - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle (Air)
  • Fist of Tebigong - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn circle (Air)

  • Rapid Punch - Playstation-Rstick-Left or Playstation-Rstick-Right
  • Flip Kick - Playstation-Rstick-Up
  • Throw Your Weight - Playstation-Rstick-Down
Btn l1Btn r1
(Trigger Moves)

  • Item Pick-up - Btn r1
  • Block - Btn l1
  • Evade - Btn l1 + Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right
Btn r2
(Super Moves)

  • Kazusu Atom - Btn r2 (Level 1) Omi activates this Wu which creates a powerful but concentrated explosion around him which destroys any target it hits.
  • Shimo Staff - Btn r2 (Level 2) Omi Activates the Kaijin Charm then his Shimo staff which can move in various other weapons. From then he can move the around the stage and KO enemies by contact for a limited time.
  • Wudai Orion Formation - Btn r2 (Level 3) Omi activates a cutscne where he summons Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay who together form the Wudai Orion Formation, transforming into their elemental Wudai forms. From there Clay uses Wudai Crater Earth, Followed by Kimiko Using Wudai Mars Fire, Then Raimundo performing Wudai Star Wind, and finally Omi finishes up with Wudai Neptune Water. All Enemies on Screen are Destroyed.


  • When Selected:


  • Prematch:


  • Item Pick-up:


  • Using Kazusu Atom:
    • "KAZUSU ATOM!"
  • Using Shimo Staff:
  • Using Wudai Orion Formation:
    • "Are you ready my friends?"
      • OMI: "Success! Check me in!"
  • Successful KO:


  • Respawn:


Introduction and Ending AnimationsEdit



Winning ScreenEdit


Losing ScreenEdit


Results ScreenEdit

Victory: TBA"

Loss: TBA

Idle AnimationEdit


Victory ThemeEdit


Dragon of the WaterEdit

This is Omi's default outfit. He wears a Red Gi with a Blue Belt (to signify is Wudai Warrior status) and Black Pants.

My Homey, OmiEdit

This is the outfit that Omi wears briefly during his time in New York in the episode "My Homey, Omi." It's comprised of a blue knit-cap with a red O on it, A light blue jacket with red parts, and blue baggy pants. The costume is unlocked through DLC.

Xiaolin ArmorEdit

Omi recieves this armor from Master Fung durin the second season. It automatically equips to him when he enters Showdowns after that point. It's a dark blue ninja style outfit with gold accents and a water symbol on the chest. The costume is unlocked at Level 10.

Profile ItemsEdit


  • Rank 8: Master Fung
  • DLC: Kimiko Tohomiko
  • DLC: Raimundo Pedrosa
  • DLC: Clay Bailey
  • DLC: Jack Spicer
  • DLC: Chase Young
  • DLC: Ping Pong


  • Rank 5: Omi
  • Rank 6: Kimiko Tohomiko
  • Rank 7: Raimundo Pedrosa
  • Rank 9: Clay Bailey
  • Rank 11: Dojo Konojo Cho
  • Rank 12: Master Fung
  • Rank 14: Jack Spicer
  • Rank 15: Ghost Wuya
  • Rank 17: Chase Young
  • Rank 18: Master Monk Guan
  • Rank 20: Hannibal Roy Bean
  • Rank 21: Evil Omi
  • Rank 23: Cat Omi
  • Rank 24: Human Wuya
  • Rank 50: Ping Pong
  • Rank 200: Dragon X Kumei Formation


  • Rank 16: Xiaolin Temple
  • Rank 19: Shen Gong Wu Vault
  • Rank 22: Jack Spicer's Home
  • Rank 25: Chase's Lair
  • Rank 300: Master Monk Guan's Temple


Coming Soon


  • Omi shares a voice actor with Fat Princess, Tara Strong.
  • Omi is the only one of the Dragons who kept his original voice actor between Showdown and Chronicles.
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