Orbital in Starhawk
Primary Representation Starhawk
Secondary Representation War of the Monsters

Orbital is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Starhawk and War of the Monsters.


You start, similar to the Invasion stage, on a Rifter Hawk, in flight mode, that flies through Orbital. During your flight you will be joined by two smaller Hawks that act as platforms. While flying through Orbital you can see several monsters destroying the whole place, while Outcast Hawks, in land mode, are trying to stop them. You fly further through Orbital but you're being followed by two Raptros. There will appear red signs of danger on the smaller Hawks (similar to how Songbird is going to attack on Stormaways) and the Raptros's will bash into those and destroy them. They fly around for a short time in front of the big Hawk and the bash against it making it crash. You crash on Orbital and continue the fight there. In the background you will see Congar and Ultra-V battle each other, while destroying whole Orbital. Sometimes Congar of Ultra-V hit their opponent in that way that they land on the stage, so watch out. The two keep fighting till the fight is over, but towards the end they won't act as hazard anymore.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

Stage Ideas
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