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Last Winner: Super Smash Bros.
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Which of these third-party characters that started on PlayStation would you like to see in All-Stars?

The poll was created at 02:06 on January 29, 2014, and so far 178 people voted.

Hello and welcome to the PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction Wiki, for all the knowledge you need to know for All-Stars fan fiction! We are currently under construction, and by that I mean we are working on the badges, adding pages and photos, and just everything to give you a great experience on the wiki. Now for a little info on the wiki: This wiki was created on 3/13/13 by Ratchet941. Here, you can learn about all the characters, minions, stages, etc., that people want in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!


Hmm, looks like we're a little low on pages at the moment. Hey, do you have something/someone you want in PSASBR? Well don't be shy! Click here to contribute to the PSASFFR Wiki!

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