Same as in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Of course, there will be new characters with new unique movesets, new crossover-stages, new items and brandnew features!


Ratchet & Clank                             Ratchet & Clank        

Doctor Nefarious                            Ratchet & Clank                                                                                       

Jak & Daxter                                   Jak & Daxter

Kratos                                             God of War

Sly Cooper                                      Sly Cooper

Bentley                                            Sly Cooper

Nathan Drake                                  Uncharted

Kutaro                                              Puppeteer

Cole McGrath                                  Infamous

Evil Cole McGrath                           Infamous

PaRappa                                         PaRappa the Rapper

Sweet Tooth                                    Twisted Metal

Klonoa                                             Klonoa

Knack                                               Knack

Colonel Radec                                 Killzone

Sir Daniel Fortesque                        MediEvil

Pyramid Head                                  Silent Hill

Kat & Dusty                                      Gravity Rush

Etna                                                 Disgaea

Sackboy                                            Little Big Planet

Chimera Hybrid                                Resistance

Spike                                                Ape Escape

Fat Princess                                     Fat Princess

Toro Inoue                                        Together Everywhere

Raiden                                             Metal Gear

Solid Snake                                      Metal Gear

Neptune                                           Hyperdimension Neptunia

Sora                                                  Kingdom Hearts

Lightning                                           Final Fantasy XIII

Cloud Strife                                       Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth                                          Final Fantasy VII

Devil Jin                                            Tekken

Nariko                                                Heavenly Sword

Abe                                                    OddWorld

Dart                                                    Legend of Dragoon

Tomba                                                Tomba!

Rudy Roughnight                               Wild Arms

Patapon Warrior                                 Patapon

More will follow soon, people! :)

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