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PlayStation X Nintendo: Super Smash Bros All-Stars is a hypothetical video game idea by LeeHatake93 that crosses over PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

Smash vs All-Stars


Polygon Man, after being defeated in All-Stars, manages to make his way to the World of Trophies and gains control of both Master Hand and Crazy Hand, becoming the new entity, Master Polygon. Wanting to exact his revenge on the All-Stars, he brings them over to the World of Trophies and begins merging the two realms. More info will be revealed later..

Master Polygon


Single Player:

  • Adventure Mode: A story-driven adventure mode similar to Brawl's Subspace Emissary.
  • Classic Mode: A series of battles with different criteria as well as bonus games such as Target Smash and Race to the Finish, leading up to a battle against either Master Hand, Crazy Hand, or Polygon Man.
  • All-Star Mode: A mode where you fight every playable character in succession.
  • Arcade: Play through each character's story, fight their rival, and face Master Polygon.
  • Training: Includes Basic Training, Combat Trials, and other modes.
  • Stadium: A mode that includes Home-Run Contest, Target Smash, Multi-Man Battle, and Boss Battles.


  • Battle Mode: An offline battle mode where up to four players may fight. Online friends may also be invited to the session. The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii U versions support up to eight player battles.
  • Tournament: A traditional tournament mode like the ones in the Super Smash Bros series.
  • Online Match: A mode where players can battle people online. Includes Ranked Match and Player Match.
  • Event Match: A mode that includes several battles, as well as mini-games and other challenges, with a variety of criteria.
  • Game Zone: A mode with a variety of mini-games. Mini-games are system exclusive, meaning that mini-games on the PlayStation home consoles and Wii U differ from those on the Vita and 3DS. The handheld mini-games are similar to those seen in the iOS title, PlayStation All-Stars Island, whereas the home console versions are more expansive, having similarities to mini-games from the Mario Party series. 


  • Store: A mode where players can quickly access the PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop for additional content.
  • Gallery: A mode that includes a gallery for the player's unlocked Trophies, videos/movies, music, and Masterpieces, playable demos of games from most series in the game (Wii U/PS3/PS4 versions only).
  • Stage Maker: A mode that lets players create their own stages.
  • Customize:A mode where players can edit characters' movesets, intros, outros, and victory music, and choose their icons, backgrounds, and online titles.

Supported Hardware

The list of ways to play the game other than traditional controllers. All versions support Cross-Play, although the PlayStation versions of the game cannot connect to the Nintendo versions or vice-versa. However, use of a third-party link cable supports offline cross-play between the 3DS and Vita versions of the game.

PlayStation 3

  • DualShock 3
  • DualShock 4 (via USB or PlayStation Now)
  • PlayStation Move Controllers
  • PlayStation Vita System (via PlayStation Now, Remote Play, or Cross-Controller)
  • PlayStation NFC Figures

PlayStation 4

  • DualShock 3 (via PlayStation TV Remote Play)
  • DualShock 4
  • PlayStation Move Controllers
  • PlayStation Vita System (via Remote Play or Cross-Play)
  • PlayStation NFC Figures

Nintendo Wii U

  • Wii U Gamepad
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • Wii Remote and Nunchuk
  • Wii Remote and Classic Controller/Pro
  • Nintendo GameCube Controller (Via Adapter)
  • Nintendo 3DS System
  • Nintendo amiibo

Nintendo 3DS

  • 3DS-to-Vita Link Cable
  • Nintendo amiibo

PlayStation Vita

  • DualShock 3 (via PlayStation TV)
  • DualShock 4 (via PlayStation TV)
  • 3DS-to-Vita Link Cable
  • PlayStation NFC Reader add-on
  • PlayStation NFC Figures (with add-on)


The game would utilize both the SSB and PSASBR engines, though the overall gameplay is primarily taken from Nintendo's side. Most of a character's basic combos are taken from the gameplay style of Super Smash Bros. Characters now have two finishing moves rather than only one. A Super Smash, which is identical to the Super Smash Bros version of a Final Smash, and a new and improved Final Smash, which takes on the instant-kill mechanic of PlayStation All-Stars' Super Moves. Super Smashes are peformed by collecting a Smash Ball, just like in Super Smash Bros. Final Smashes are now performed with a less commonly-spawned item known as an AP Orb. Similar to the Smash Ball, it must be broken in order to use its power.

In addition, the Nintendo versions of the game will support amiibo. This allows players to call upon additional fighters via figurines that may be purchased at retailers, and battle and train them to reach level 50, just like in Smash Bros. The PlayStation versions will also support this feature with their own NFC figurine series. Like Disney Infinity, the PlayStation figures will have multiplatform compatibility, allowing players to also use them as amiibo in the Nintendo ports of the game. However, the amiibo would remain Nintendo exclusive, though this only pertains to the Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS series of figures. Each returning Nintendo fighter would recieve an all-new figure that would be compatible with the PlayStation versions of the game.

The roster is taken directly from PlayStation All-Stars and the entire Smash Bros series, with a few additions. Both sides feature a roster of 59 characters: 53 are first-party, 5 are third-party, and one slot is reserved for custom fighters (Miis/PS Home Avatars).


The character roster has been rebooted since the original article was written. As such, several hidden characters now take up their own slots, and other characters are now costumes for certain playable characters.

PSxN Match-Up
Nintendo Series
Mario Super Mario Bros
Luigi Super Mario Bros
Peach Super Mario Bros
Rosalina Super Mario Bros
Bowser Super Mario Bros
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Bros
Yoshi Yoshi's Island
Wario WarioWare
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
Dixie Kong Donkey Kong
King K. Rool Donkey Kong
Little Mac Punch Out!!
Marth Fire Emblem
Lucina Fire Emblem
Roy Fire Emblem
Ike Fire Emblem
Robin Fire Emblem
Link The Legend of Zelda
Young Link The Legend of Zelda
Zelda The Legend of Zelda
Shiek The Legend of Zelda
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda
Cia The Legend of Zelda
Pikachu Pokemon
Red  Pokemon
Serena  Pokemon
Lucario Pokemon
Mewtwo Pokemon
Jigglypuff Pokemon
Kirby Kirby
Meta Knight Kirby
King Dedede Kirby
Fox Star Fox
Falco Star Fox
Wolf Star Fox
Captain Falcon F-Zero
Ice Climbers Ice Climber
Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch Gallery
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
R.O.B. Nintendo Robotic Operating Buddy
Ness Earthbound
Lucas Earthbound
Pit Kid Icarus
Dark Pit Kid Icarus
Palutena Kid Icarus
Samus Metroid
Zero Suit Samus Metroid
Villager Animal Crossing
Olimar Pikmin
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit
Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles
Tabuu Super Smash Bros 
Mega Man Mega Man
Pac-Man Pac-Man
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog
Paperboy Paperboy
Ryu Street Fighter
Mii Fighters Nintendo
PlayStation Series
Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal
Calypso Twisted Metal
Dart Feld The Legend of Dragoon
Rose The Legend of Dragoon
PaRappa PaRappa the Rapper
Lammy UmJammer Lammy
Toro Together Everywhere!
Spike Ape Escape
Specter Ape Escape
Sir Daniel Fortesque MediEvil
Zarok MediEvil
Blasto Blasto
Tomba Tomba!
Vahn Legend of Legaia
Rudy Roughnight Wild Arms
Gabriel Logan Siphon Filter
Jak and Daxter Jak and Daxter
Baron Praxis Jak and Daxter
Sly Cooper Sly Cooper
Carmelita Fox Sly Cooper
Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank
Dr. Nefarious Ratchet & Clank
Kratos God of War
Zeus God of Wat
Jennifer Tate Primal
Colonel Radec Killzone
Ico & Yorda ICO
Wander Shadow of the Colossus
Rau Utu The Mark of Kri
Buzz Buzz!
Uberhero Patapon
Tigershark InviZimals
Fat Princess Fat Princess
Nariko Heavenly Sword
Emmett Graves Starhawk
Journeyer Journey
Kessler inFamous
Evil Cole MacGrath inFamous
Delsin Rowe inFamous
Nathan Drake Uncharted
Joel & Ellie The Last of Us
Sackboy LittleBigPlanet
Ethan Mars Heavy Rain
Jodie Holmes Beyond: Two Souls
Chimera Resistance
Kutaro Puppeteer
Tag ModNation Racers
Lil & Laarg Escape Plan
Iota Tearaway
Kat & Dusty Gravity Rush
Raven Gravity Rush
Knack Knack
Sir Galahad The Order: 1886
Dante Devil May Cry
Heihachi Mishima Tekken
Raiden Metal Gear
Naked Snake Metal Gear
Scorpion Mortal Kombat
Home Avatars PlayStation Home

DLC Characters

Every four characters will be available individually or in bundles. These bundles are referred to as "Smash Packs" for Nintendo characters, and "All-Star Packs" for PlayStation characters. The "Console of Origin" does not denote a character's console alignment. A character who debuted on a PlayStation console could be classified as a Nintendo character, and one that appeared on a Nintendo console could be classified as a PlayStation character. This holds true for Cloud Strife since, despite being primarily associated with PlayStation, is a veteran from Super Smash Bros, not PlayStation All-Stars...


This list is expected to grow as more character ideas come to mind.

Character Game or Series Console of Origin
Alloy Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation 4
Bayonetta Bayonetta Xbox 360/PlayStation 3
Chase McCain LEGO City Undercover Nintendo Wii U
Corrin/Kamui Fire Emblem Fates Nintendo 3DS
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII PlayStation
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot PlayStation 
Hunter Bloodborne PlayStation 4
Inklings Splatoon Nintendo Wii U
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
Sinner & Accessory Freedom Wars PlayStation Vita
Sora Kingdom Hearts PlayStation 2


The original crossover feature has been removed in favor of Super Smash Bros's Final Destination stage variation mechanic. However, this doesn't mean the crossover mechanic has been removed entirely. Crossovers can now take place in the Final Destination variations of stages. This time, however, the crossover features are random for each stage, rather than being specific to certain stages.


Smash Bros 64-Smash Bros Brawl

Stage Series
Kongo Jungle (64) Donkey Kong
Dream Land Kirby
Hyrule Castle The Legend of Zelda
Mushroom Kingdom (64) Super Mario Bros
Peach's Castle (64) Super Mario Bros
Planet Zebes Metroid
Sector Z Star Fox
Saffron City Pokemon
Yoshi's Island (64) Yoshi
Battlefield (Melee) Super Smash Bros
Big Blue F-Zero
Brinstar Metroid
Brinstar Depths Metroid
Corneria Star Fox
Final Destination (Melee) Super Smash Bros
Flat Zone Game & Watch
Fountain of Dreams Kirby
Fourside Earthbound/Mother
Great Bay The Legend of Zelda
Green Greens Kirby
Icicle Mountain Ice Climber
Jungle Japes Donkey Kong
Mushroom Kingdom (Melee) Super Mario Bros
Mushroom Kingdom II Super Mario Bros
Kongo Jungle (Melee) Donkey Kong
Mute City F-Zero
Onett Earthbound/Mother
Poke Floats Pokemon
Pokemon Stadium Pokemon
Peach's Castle (Melee) Super Mario Bros
Rainbow Cruise Super Mario Bros
Temple The Legend of Zelda
Venom Star Fox
Yoshi's Island (Melee) Yoshi
Yoshi's Story Yoshi
75m Donkey Kong
Battlefield (Brawl) Super Smash Bros
Bridge of Eldin The Legend of Zelda
Castle Siege Fire Emblem
Delfino Plaza Super Mario Bros
Distant Planet Pikmin
Final Destination (Brawl) Super Smash Bros
Flat Zone 2 Game & Watch
Frigate Orpheon Metroid
Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Halberd Kirby
Hanenbow ElectroPlankton
Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion
Lylat Cruise Star Fox
Mario Bros Mario Bros
Mario Circuit (Brawl) Mario Kart
Mushroomy Kingdom Super Mario Bros
New Pork City Earthbound/Mother
Norfair Metroid
PictoChat Nintendo DS
Pirate Ship The Legend of Zelda
Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon
Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero
Rumble Falls Donkey Kong
Skyworld Kid Icarus
Smashville Animal Crossing
Spear Pillar Pokemon
Summit Ice Climber
WarioWare, Inc. Wario
Yoshi's Island (Brawl) Yoshi
Online Waiting Room Super Smash Bros

Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U

Stage Series
Battlefield (3DS) Super Smash Bros
Battlefield (Wii U) Super Smash Bros
Big Battlefield Super Smash Bros
Boxing Ring Punch-Out!!
Coliseum Fire Emblem
Gamer Wario
Garden of Hope Pikmin
Gaur Plains Xenoblade
Jingle Hijinxs Donkey Kong
Kalos League Pokemon 
Magicant Earthbound/Mother
Mario Circuit (MK8) Mario Kart
Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy
Mushroom Kingdom U New Super Mario Bros
Mute City (3DS) F-Zero
Miiverse Miiverse
Orbital Gate Star Fox
Pac-Land Pac-Man
Pac-Maze Pac-Man
Palutena's Temple Kid Icarus
Pilot Wings Wii Sports/Pilot Wings
Pyrosphere  Metroid
Skyloft The Legend of Zelda
The Great Cave Offensive Kirby
Town and City  Animal Crossing
Tortimer Island Animal Crossing
Wily Castle Mega Man
Windy Hill Sonic the Hedgehog
Wii Fit Studio Wii Fit
Wrecking Crew Wrecking Crew
Wuhu Island  Wii Sports
Yoshi's Woolly World Yoshi
3D Land Super Mario 3D Land
Arena Ferox Fire Emblem
Balloon Fight Balloon Fighter
Dream Land Kirby/Game Boy
Find Mii Nintendo 3DS/Find Mii 
Gerudo Valley The Legend of Zelda
Spirit Tracks The Legend of Zelda
Golden Plains New Super Mario Bros
Living Room Nintendogs
Paper Mario Paper Mario
PictoChat 2 Nintendo DS
Prism Tower Pokemon
Rainbow Road Mario Kart 7
Reset Bomb Forest Kid Icarus
Tomodachi Life Tomodachi
Unova League Pokemon
Suzaku Caste Street Fighter II


PlayStation All-Stars/Older Series 

Stage Series
Alden's Tower inFamous
Blackrock Stadium Twisted Metal
Boss Arena PlayStation All-Stars
Dojo PaRappa the Rapper
Dreamscape LittleBigPlanet
Fearless Heavenly Sword
Franzea LocoRoco
Graveyard MediEvil
Hades God of War
Hekesville Gravity Rush
Invasion Killzone
Metropolis Ratchet & Clank
Paris Sly Cooper
Rival Arena PlayStation All-Stars
Sandover Village Jak and Daxter
San Francisco Resistance
Stowaways Uncharted
Time Station Ape Escape
Training Stage (Small) PlayStation All-Stars
Training Stage (Medium) PlayStation All-Stars
Training Stage (Large) PlayStation All-Stars
Castle ICO
Dimitri's Nightclub Sly Cooper
Arpeggio's Blimp Sly Cooper
Zeto's Dungeon Legend of Legaia
Spargus Arena Jak and Daxter
Gol and Maia's Citadel Jak and Daxter
The Catacombs Jak and Daxter
Minsk University Syphon Filter
The Ruins SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals
Mallet Island Devil May Cry
Big Shell Facility Metal Gear Solid
Cathedral Tekken
Shrine of Worship Shadow of the Colossus
Warhawk's Rooftop Twisted Metal
Moon Base Ape Escape
Temple of Athena God of War
Food Court PaRappa the Rapper
Orbital Station Killzone
Grand Valley Speedway Gran Turismo
Autumn Ring Gran Turismo
Throne Room Mortal Kombat
Toro's Room Doko Demo Issyo/PocketStation
Sony PSP PlayStation Portable
Browser PlayStation 2
18th Hole Hot Shots Golf
Concert Hall UmJammer Lammy
Hall of Heroes MediEvil
Kyoto Tekken
Mountain of Mortal Dragon The Legend of Dragoon
Peak Point Matrix Ape Escape
Polygon Stadium PlayStation All-Stars
Rooftop Arena Twisted Metal
Warhawk Warhawk
Wipeout WipEout
Tower of Purity Patapon
Augmented Reality InviZimals/EyeToy
Ground Zero inFamous
The Hub PlayStation Home
Red Kingdom Fat Princess
Kras City Jak X: Combat Racing
Forbidden Land Shadow of the Colossus
Carnival of Carnage Twisted Metal
New Marais inFamous
Locomotion Uncharted
Shrine of Shirley The Legend of Dragoon
Mar Colosseum Jak X: Combat Racing

Remade All-Stars/Other PlayStation Stages

Represents newer PlayStation series or games, or other games that didn't have representation in All-Stars, but are related to represented franchises.

Stage Game or Series
Desert Village Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Quivira Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Libertatia Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Bill's Town The Last of Us
Salt Lake City The Last of Us
Colorado Mountain Plaza The Last of Us: Left Behind
Journey Journey
Mod Spot ModNation Racers
Seattle inFamous: Second Son
Curdun Cay inFamous: First Light
Quiz Room Buzz!
Hydra Battle God of War
Space Ratchet & Clank
Mount Pleasant Mines Resistance
Negativitron Battle LittleBigPlanet
Dreamscape 2 LittleBigPlanet 3
N'mani's Country Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Camp Omega Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Haven City Jak II
Unfinished Kingdom The Unfinished Swan
Limbo DmC: Devil May Cry
Relic Ruins Knack
Unfolded Tearaway
Castle Grizzlestein Puppeteer
London The Order: 1886
Yharnam Bloodborne
Master Course Driveclub
SHAREFactory PlayStation 4
PlayStation History PlayStation Now/PlayStation 
The Playroom PlayStation 4/The Playroom
Infraworld Beyond: Two Souls
Pandora's Box Street Fighter X Tekken
Mishima Dojo Tekken 7
Lost Cathedral Soul Calibur III
Tower of Remembrance Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
Midgar Final Fantasy VII
Dead Nation Dead Nation
Bakuki's Lair Escape Plan
Shropshire Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
New Helghan Killzone: Shadowfall
Jinsei Chamber Mortal Kombat X
Untitled Stage The Tomorrow Children
Untitled Stage Fat Princess Adventures
Untitled Stage The Last Guardian
Untitled Stage No Man's Sky
Untitled Stage Dreams
Untitled Stage Until Dawn
Untitled Stage Horizon Zero Dawn

New Stages

This includes new stages and also stages that are shared between both Nintendo and PlayStation.

Stage Game Company
LEGO City LEGO City Undercover Nintendo
Inkopolis Splatoon Nintendo
Destiny Islands Kingdom Hearts Both
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear Solid Both


Some character costumes have yet to be revealed. Certain characters also have other characters as their costumes.

Nintendo Costumes
Mario Dr. Mario
Referee Mario
NES Golf Mario
Luigi Dr. Luigi
Mr. L
NES Golf Luigi
Peach Mario Kart
Rosalina Mario Kart
Bowser Dry Bowser
Bowser Jr. Roy
Yoshi TBA
Wario WarioWare
Classic Wario
Donkey Kong Punch Out Outfit
Funky Kong
Chunky Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Diddy Kong TBA
Dixie Kong Tiny Kong
King K. Rool TBA
Little Mac Wireframe Mac
Captain Rainbow Mac
Marth Melee/Brawl Marth
Lucina Masked Lucina
Ike Brawl Ike
Robin Female Robin
Link Ocarina of Time
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword
Zelda U
Young Link Ocarina of Time
Toon Link
A Link Between Worlds Link
Oracle of Ages/Seasons Link
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword
Zelda U
Shiek Hyrule Warriors
Ganondorf Ocarina of Time
Twilight Princess
Wind Waker
Cia Lana
Goddess of Time
Pikachu Pichu
Cosplay Pikachu
Red  Ethan
Serena  Leaf
Lucario TBA
Mewtwo Armored Mewtwo
Jigglypuff TBA
Kirby Yarn Kirby
Rainbow Curse
Meta Knight Galacta Knight
King Dedede Masked Dedede
Fox Assault
James McCloud
Falco Assault
Wolf Panther Caroso
Captain Falcon Blood Falcon
Black Shadow
Ice Climbers Switched Ice Climbers
Mr. Game & Watch Policeman
Duck Hunt TBA
R.O.B. The Ancient Minister
Ness Ninten
Pajamas Ness
Lucas Claus
Pit Classic Pit
Dark Pit TBA
Palutena Medusa
Samus Dark Samus
Zero Suit Samus Brawl ZS Samus
Young Samus
Villager Several Villager Designs
Olimar Luie
Wii Fit Trainer Male Trainer
Shulk Underwear
Tabuu TBA
Mega Man X
Mega Man.exe
Star Force Mega Man
Mega Man Volnutt
Street Fighter x Tekken Mega Man
Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man
Ghostly Adventures
Sonic Scourge the Hedgehog
Sonic Boom
Paperboy Classic Paperboy
Ryu Evil Ryu
Ken Masters
Mii Fighters Brawler
PlayStation Costumes
Sweet Tooth Clown Tux
Small Brawl
Calypso Mr. Grimm
Classic Calypso
Dart Feld Lavitz' Armor
Zieg's Armor
Rose Shana's Outfit
Meru's Outfit
PaRappa Funky Gi
Prom King
Lammy TBA
Toro Melodic Toro
Bistro Toro
Soccer Toro
Golf Toro
Spike Classic Throwback Suit
Special Event Suit
Specter Original Specter
Sir Daniel Fortesque Gold Armor
Dragon Armor
Victorian Dan
Zarok Classic Zarok
Blasto TBA
Tomba TBA
Vahn TBA
Rudy Roughnight TBA
Gabriel Logan TBA
Jak and Daxter Precursor Legacy
Combat Racer
Freedom Armor
Lost Frontier
Baron Praxis Errol
Sly Cooper Arabian Disguise
Riochi Cooper
Carmelita Fox Formal Outfit
Ratchet & Clank Commado Suit
Holofux Armor
Dr. Nefarious TBA
Kratos Deimos
Morpheus Armor
Warrior of Apollo
God of War Armor
Zeus Young Zeus
Olympian Armor
Jennifer Tate TBA
Colonel Radec Jetpack
Capture Trooper
Shadowfall Trooper
Marshall Luger
Ico & Yorda TBA
Wander TBA
Rau Utu TBA
Buzz Kevin Butler
Uberhero Patapon
Tigershark TBA
Fat Princess Ninja
Fairy Tale Dress
Nariko Shen's Armor
Athena Nariko
Emmett Graves Hired Gun
Journeyer TBA
Kessler Wedding Tux
Cole MacGrath (New Marais)
Cole MacGrath (Empire City)
Evil Cole MacGrath Reaper
Evil Among Thieves
Delsin Rowe Cole's Jacket
Reggie's Jacket
Hank, Fetch, Eugene, and Augustine
Nathan Drake Winter Drake
Desert Drake
Among Thieves
Naughty Dog Shirt
Golden Abyss
Donut Drake
Joel & Ellie Autumn
Joel & Tommy
Riley & Ellie
Sackboy Wrestler
Skeleton Boy
Toggle,Oddsock, & Swoop
Ethan Mars TBA
Jodie Holmes MMA Jodie
Military Outfit
Chimera Nathan Hale
Kutaro TBA
Lil & Laarg TBA
Iota Atoi
Kat & Dusty Schoolgirl Kat
Spy Outfit
Military Outfit
Raven Yunica
Knack TBA
Sir Galahad TBA
Dante Classic Dante
Heihachi Mishima Tekken 7
Young Heihachi
Boss Outfit
Alternate Outfit
Raiden Blue Raiden
White Raiden
Guns of the Patriots
Naked Snake Big Boss
Solid Snake
Old Snake
Scorpion Mortal Kombat (Original)
Mortal Kombat 3
Deadly Alliance
Mortal Kombat (2011)
Hanzo Hasashi
Home Avatars Custom

Kirby Hats

The list of different appearances that Kirby takes on when he absorbs characters' powers. I will add the abilities copied later..

Nintendo Character Kirby Hat
Mario Mario's Hat
Luigi Luigi's Hat
Peach Peach's Crown/Hair
Rosalina Rosalina's Crown/Hair
Bowser Bowser's Hair/Horns/Eyebrows
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr's Hair/Eyebrows/Horns/Bandana
Yoshi Yoshi's Head as Hat
Wario Wario's Hat/Wario's Helmet
Donkey Kong DK's Fur
Diddy Kong Diddy's Hat
Dixie Kong Dixie's Hair/Hat
King K. Rool K. Rool's Crown/Cape
Little Mac Little Mac's Hair/Eyebrows
Marth Marth's Hair
Lucina Lucina's Mask
Roy Roy's Hair
Ike Ike's Hair/Headband
Robin Robin's Hair/Book
Link Link's Hat
Young Link Young Link's Hat/Keaton Mask
Zelda Young Zelda's Crown
Shiek Shiek's Hair/Mask
Ganondorf Ganondorf's Hair/Eyebrows
Cia Cia's Hat/Mask
Pikachu Pikachu as a Hat
Red  Red's Cap
Serena  Serena's Hat
Lucario Lucario's Head as a Hat
Mewtwo Mewtwo's Neck/Tail/Horns
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff's Hair/Ears
Kirby N/A
Meta Knight Meta Knight's Mask/Wings
King Dedede King Dedede's Hat
Fox Fox's Ears/Helmet
Falco Falco's Beak/Feathers/Eye Shadow
Wolf Wolf's Ears/Scouter
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's Helmet
Ice Climbers Popo's Hood
Mr. Game & Watch Mr Game & Watch's Skin/White Eyes
Duck Hunt Dog's Muzzle/Ears
R.O.B. R.O.B.'s Eyes
Ness Ness's Hat
Lucas Lucas' Hair
Pit Pit's Wings/Crown
Dark Pit Dark Pit's Wings/Crown
Palutena Palutena's Hair/Crown
Samus Samus' Helmet
Zero Suit Samus ZS Samus' Ponytail
Villager Villager's Hair
Olimar Olimar's Nose/Antenna
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit's Hair/Skin Tone
Shulk Shulk's Monado
Tabuu Tabuu's Skin Tone/Eyes
Mega Man Mega Man's Helmet
Pac-Man Pac-Man's Nose/Eyebrows
Sonic Sonic's Ears/Spikes
Paperboy Paperboy's Helmet
Ryu Ryu's Hair/Eyebrows and Headband
Mii Fighters Headband with Mii's Face on it
PlayStation Character Kirby Hat
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth's Mask/Flaming Hair
Calypso Calypso's Hair/Red Eyes
Dart Feld Dart's Hair/Headband
Rose Rose's Headband/Dragoon Wings
PaRappa PaRappa's Hat/Ears
Lammy Lammy's Hair/Horns/Ears
Toro Toro's Ears/Facial Features
Spike Spike's Hair
Specter Specter's Hair/Helmet
Sir Daniel Fortesque Sir Dan's Skull 
Zarok Zarok's Hair
Blasto Blasto's Mask/Hair
Tomba Tomba's Hair
Vahn Vahn's Hair
Rudy Roughnight Rudy's Hair/Headband
Gabriel Logan Gabe's Hair
Jak and Daxter Jak's Hair/Goggles/Ears
Baron Praxis Praxis' Helmet/Ears/Goatee
Sly Cooper Sly's Hat/Mask/Ears
Carmelita Fox Carmelita's Hair/Ears
Ratchet & Clank Ratchet's Hat/Ears
Dr. Nefarious Nefarious' Head as a Helmet
Kratos Kratos' Tattoo/Goatee
Zeus Zeus' Hair/Beard
Jennifer Tate Jennifer's Hair
Colonel Radec Radec's Helmet
Ico & Yorda Ico's Helmet
Wander Wander's Hair/Headband
Rau Utu Rau's Hair/Necklace
Buzz Buzz's Hair/Glassed
Uberhero Uberhero's Skin/Patapon Eye
Tigershark Tigershark's Head/Fins as Hat
Fat Princess Fat Princess's Hair/Crown
Nariko Nariko's Hair/Headband
Emmett Graves Emmett's Hair/Glowing Veins/Eyes
Journeyer Journeyer's Hood
Kessler Kessler's Hood/Eyes
Evil Cole MacGrath Cole's Buzzcut/Scar/Amp 
Delsin Rowe Delsin's Beanie/Chain
Nathan Drake Drake's Hair/5 0'Clock Shadow/Necklace
Joel & Ellie Joel's Hair/Beard/Ellie's Backpack
Sackboy Sackboy's Knit/Eyes/Zipper
Ethan Mars Ethan's Hair/Facial Hair
Jodie Holmes Jodie's Hair/Scar/Aiden
Chimera Chimera's Head as a Hat
Kutaro Kutaro's Hair/Mouth/Eyes
Tag Tag's Hair/Goggles
Lil & Laarg Laarg's Face as a Mask
Iota Iota's apparent Headband
Kat & Dusty Kat's Hair/Headband
Raven Raven's Hair
Knack Knack's Eyebrows/Hair/Ears
Sir Galahad Galahad's Mustache/Hair
Dante Classic Dante's Hair/Rebellion
Heihachi Mishima Heihachi's Mustache/Eyebrows/Hair
Raiden Raiden's Hair/Cyborg Mouth/Eyepiece
Naked Snake Snake's Hair/Goatee/Headband/Eyepatch
Scorpion Klassic Scorpion's Mask
Home Avatars A Hat bearing the PS Home Logo

DLC Characters

Additional Kiby hats for the DLC characters.

Character Hat
Alloy Alloy's Bow
Chase McCain Chase's LEGO Hair/Chin Details
Cloud Strife Cloud's Hair/Buster sword
Crash Bandicoot Crash's Hair/Ears
Hunter Hunter's Hat
Inkling Inkling's Hair/Mask
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight's Helmet/Shovel
Sinner & Accessory Sinner's Headset/Sentence Counter
Sora Sora's Hair/Keyblade


The list of items in the game. Many items from both the Super Smash Bros and PlayStation series return, although some feature different effects and others have been removed and added to certain characters' movesets.


Item Series Type Effect
Medusa's Gaze God of War Epic Turns victims to stone, allowing characters to instantly KO their opponents.
Platinum Trophy PlayStation Network Epic Summons a boss character (i.e. The Beast, Poseidon) to assist the player. Will instantly KO opponents.
Gold/Silver Trophies PlayStation Network Normal Will summon a PlayStation character (i.e. Sully, Sig) to fight alongside the player.
Bronze Trophy PlayStation Network Normal Summons a small character (i.e. Sackbot, EyePets) to fight alongside the player.
Baumasu's Axe The Mark of Kri Normal Players use it as a melee weapon, spinning to attack until they become dizzy.
Boots of Hermes God of War Normal Increases players' speed and jump distance/height.
Fusion Bomb Ratchet & Clank Epic When thrown, it will split into multiple small explosives that ricochet around the stage, hitting any opponent in their path.
Freeze Missile Twisted Metal Normal Opponents will be frozen, slowing their movement.
Gravity Shield WipEout Epic Protects the user from all attacks, including Super Smashes and Final Smashes.
Great Mighty Scythe Patapon Epic Used as a melee weapon. When used in the air, it creates a tornado that rearranges opponents' movesets.
Hedgehog Grenade Resistance Normal When thrown, it will remain idle if there are no opponents nearby. Once an opponent moves near, it will explode and temporarily disable the victim's Super Smash and Final Smash.
Killer Bees Ape Escape Normal Will float around the user, shooting at opponents whenever the player attacks.
Leech Beam WipEout Normal Unlike in Battle Royale, it will damage a nearby opponent while simultaneously healing the user, rather than absorbing AP.
LR-3 Railgun Starhawk Normal Fires a single shot with a stage-wide range that can be aimed, temporarily disabling the opponents' Super Smash and Final Smash if the shot hits.
Nanotech Crate Ratchet & Clank Normal Unlike in Battle Royale, opening one of these will spawn more items, instead of AP.
Razor Claws Ratchet & Clank Normal A melee item that increases the amount of damage that the user inflicts on opponents.
Sonic Rift ModNation Racers Normal When thrown, it will travel across the stage, creating shockwaves that stun opponents.
RPG-7 Uncharted Normal Players can fire up to three rockets, which will deal damage to opponents and have decent knockback.
Spear of Destiny God of War Normal Players use it as a melee weapon. It has high knockback and may instantly KO an opponent if their damage is high.
Sturgeon Uncharted Normal A fish used as a melee weapon with high knockback.
Move Controllers PlayStation Move Normal Melee weapons that come in two varieties. A single Move Controller will act as a sword, whereas a pair may be used as a bow and arrow combo.
AP Orb PlayStation All-Stars Epic PlayStation's answer to Nintendo's Smash Ball. Replacing the AP from Battle Royale, this version of the AP orb must be collected by a player. Once the player collects the orb, they will have access to a Super Smash, a variation of the Final Smash that will instantly KO opponents.
Eco Vent Jak and Daxter Epic When spawned, players that step into an Eco Vent will immediately have access to their Super Smash, and any damage they've recieved will be instantly healed. Once a character has used the vent, it will close, preventing others from accessing it.


Item Series Type Effect
Poke Ball Pokemon Normal Summons a Pokemon to assist the player in battle.
Master Ball Pokemon Epic Summons a Legendary or Rare Pokemon to assist in battle. May instantly KO opponents.
Lightning Mario Kart Normal Will change characters' sizes. It may either make opponents smaller, the user smaller, or make opponents larger.
Red/Green Shell Mario Kart Normal Koopa Shells, once jumped on or attacked, will travel across the stage, knocking around any character in their path, including the user. Green shells will hit everyone, although Red shells will seek out opponents. 
Blue Shell Mario Kart Epic A Blue Shell will immediately seek out the opponent with the highest score and instantly KO them.
Bit-Size Candy Mario Party Normal Will transform the user into an 8-bit version of themself. While in 8-bit mode, item boxes will spawn that will either produce coins or POW blocks. Coins serve little purpose, although POW blocks will stun opponents momentarily.
Mushrooms Super Mario Bros Normal Mushrooms change the size of characters, coming in two varieties. Super Mushrooms increase the size of characters, enhancing the damage they inflict. Poison Mushrooms shrink characters and decrease their attack power.
Mega Mushroom New Super Mario Bros Epic The Mega Mushroom will make the user grow to a gigantic size, allowing them to instantly KO opponents by simply walking into them. They may also damage the stage itself, destroying platforms and even fending off stage hazards. However, the stage will be restored once the effect subsides.
Healing Items Various Normal Healing items, as the name suggests, will heal damage inflicted upon the user. These range from food, Fairy Bottles, Heart Containers, and Super Potions, among others.
Beetle The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Normal Once thrown, it will attach to opponents and take them into the air.
Hammer Donkey Kong Normal The hammer, once picked up, causes the user to attack instantly. It will either deal a large amount of damage, or break and be rendered useless.
Golden Hammer Mario Bros Epic Acts in a similar manner to the hammer, but with higher knockback and a better chance to KO opponents. If the hammer squeaks, it will deal no damage.
Fire Bar Super Mario Bros Normal A melee weapon that deals fire damage to opponents.
Cuccoo The Legend of Zelda Normal A chicken-like creature that will roam the stage. If attacked, it will summon a swarm of Cuccoos to assault its attacker.
Gust Bellows The Legend of Zelda Normal Will blow opponents away with a powerful gust of wind. If dropped, the wind will blow wildly.
Ore Club Kid Icarus Epic A powerful melee weapon.
Dragoon Parts Kirby Epic Collecting the three parts of the Dragoon (Kirby) will allow players to instantly KO opponents.
Super Scope Nintendo Normal A blaster that can be fired continually, although will eventually run out of ammo. If charged, it will fire a large orb of energy.
Team Healer Super Smash Bros Normal When thrown by teammates, it will heal the player hit by it.
Gooey Bomb Super Smash Bros Normal A bomb that can attach to opponents, and be attached to anyone who is attacked. After a while, the bomb will explode, dealing some damage.
Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros Epic A melee item that can be charged. Once charged, players will be able to instantly send their opponents flying, earning a KO.
Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros Normal Assist Trophies will summon any non-Pokemon Nintendo characters to aid the user in battle.
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros Epic The Smash Ball, when attacked, will give characters access to their Final Smash, a highly damaging or special attack that may KO opponents, but won't always result in an instant KO.
Trophy Stand Super Smash Bros Epic When thrown, the Trophy Stand will turn any opponent it hits into a Trophy (Smash Bros). If the trophied opponent is attacked, they will be KO'd. (This is also a hidden method for unlocking character trophies in-game.)
Crates Super Smash Bros Normal Crates will spawn items when broken open.


Promotional Art

  • The original coverart using the working title "Smash Your Bros with All-Stars"
  • Super Smash Bros for PS4 and Vita, a prequel to this game. The PS4 version would be the same as the Wii U version, and the Vita version would be based on the 3DS version. It would include all DLC characters from Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS on disc, and would also add the 19 PlayStation characters from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, as well as Dante, Heihachi, and Raiden. All PSASBR characters would carry over their costumes from All-Stars as alternate colors, and they would receive new costumes as well

Revised Screenshots

Beta Screenshots

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