Punk Hazard
Punk Hazard
Punk Hazard
Primary Representation One Piece
Secondary Representation Chrono Cross

Punk Hazard is a DLC mash-up stage in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Royale based on One Piece and Chrono Cross. Its a part of the Anime Pack 1 that comes along with Monkey D. Luffy and Madara Uchiha.


The stage takes place on the frozen half of the island where the players will be fighting on a frozen wasteland, Brownbeard can be see in the background and seem to be watching the match. Midway through a match, Dinopolis will erupt out of the background as the Dragon God will fly out of Dinopolis and attack the stage with a laser beam-like attack, which will hurt the players too. After attacking for a while, the Dragon God will fly away back to Dinopolis.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit

  • Brownbeard (One Piece)
  • Dragon God (Chrono Cross)


The background music starts as Gear Second from One Piece: Pirate Warriors then it changes to Dragon God from Chrono Cross when Dinopolis erupts from the background.


  • This stage was originally going to been crossovered with Final Fantasy, but it was crossovered with Chrono Cross instead.
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