Adonis Luxury Resort
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Rapture in BioShock
Primary Representation BioShock
Secondary Representation God of War

Rapture is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on BioShock, God of War and Flow.


You play on the Adonis Luxury Resort of BioShock 2. There are several platforms on the stage and signs. The floor of the stage has puddles of water. Of course the statuary is in the middle of the stage. After some time of playing on it Poseidon, from God of War, will break the roof and let the room be filled with water. The stage then starts to go to the right and you are forced to go to the next room, you walk through corridors and occasionally Poseidon will slam through the roof with his claws on the ground, which will cause you to drop AP. When you can't catch up you also will lose AP and are spawned in the middle of the stage. Eventually a creature from Flow will appear and attack Poseidon. You will arrive in the next room that is now seemingly safe and several creatures are seen in the background. Unfortunately, though, the Soak 'Em Commandos, Yakuza, Zombies, and Dexter's Darlings from Eat Lead will suddenly show up via code generation and attack the players.

Characters appearing on stageEdit


  • Rapture, along with Escape, are the only side-scrolling stages.
  • When Big Daddy uses his level 3 Super, Flood, there are two easter eggs in the stage;
    • Splicers will appear if it is used before Poseidon is defeated.
    • Organisms will appear after Poseidon is defeated.
  • This stage is the only one to represent three franchises. (four if you count the Matt Hazard enemies.)
Stage Ideas
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