Rebel Army
Rebel Army
Voiced By N/A
Franchise Metal Slug
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Royale
Debut Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001

Rebel Army is antagonistic soldier that is seen throught Metal Slug series (except Metal Slug 5). They appeared as background character/stage hazard in Rebel HQ in Playstation All-star battle royale.


Those soldier were trained by General Morden & Allen O'Neil do defeat Regular Army & mostly fanatically loyal to general Morden, they were unsmart soldier & easily to killed, they weapon are various each class, they appeared in Green WWII German helmet and light armor vest, green pant & boot, sometimes they were look stupid like try attacking opponent with knife & not have any rifles or firearm to support.

Connection with All-StarEdit

 They appeared at Rebel HQ in large number, they will attack opponent with various firearm regining from knife into armored tank & Bazooka.

If you want try kill one of Rebel Infantry with short-range attack, be sure they not armed with any firearm, if they armed with firearm it could dangerous. If you want killed Armed Rebel Infantry, try use long-range attack, because those Rebel weapon aren't smart to kill the opponent. to survive a group of Rebel Infantry you must kill Armed Rebel Infantry first then finishing by killing a piece of stupid Rebel Infantry.


- Stupid/Fanatic InfantryEdit

Those Infantry are mostly seen & look like only have knife & easily to kill, but be aware, sometime those Infantry will perfomence fanatic attack, if the opponent/player in the air, those Infantry could do fanatic attack to react the opponent/player to kill.

- RiflemanEdit

Those Infantry are same as Stupid/Fanatic except armed with Bolt-Action rifle, each fire will damage opponent/player if hit, try use medium/long-range attack to kill it.

- BazookaEdit

Those infantry are same as Stupid/Fanatic except they armed with Bazooka which is very dangerous, each fire will deal double damage or instan KO if hit directly to head, try use long-range attack to kill it.

- Shield InfantryEdit

Those Infantry will equip with Riot Shield to protect from any attack, if the shield destroyed, the Infantry could be run away or death, try flank from back or use critical attack to break the shield.

- Minigun InfantryEdit

Those Infantry armed with Minigun to spread more bullet, the weak point is Infantry himself and back-mounted ammo supply, use short-range attack & medium-range attack it could dangerous, so try use long-range attack or use Super Move to kill those Infantry.

- Di-CokkaEdit

This tank is Rebel main tank, this tank will fire cannon in Rapid-Fire mode.


  • The Logo of Rebel Army


  • Those Rifle who armed by Rifleman were mixed between German Mauser KAR98K, M1903 Springfield, or Type 99 Arisaka.
  • Rebel Army are the Stage Hazard character who dispatched in large number rather than only one and able to killed, the other being Mars People.

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