Result screens are the showing of the characters when the match is concluded after all of the outros are finished. Like outros, the characters are shown either celebrating their victory or looking defeated.

List of Result ScreensEdit

Jin KazamaEdit

Win: Jin looks away from the camera, as if in deep thought.

Lose: Jin has his Devil horns, third eye, and wings, and repeatedly roars in an animalistic manner.


Win: Has his hand over his head and laughs.

Lose: Erol's mask is shown sitting still.


Win: Looks at the camera with his hand over his hilt.

Lose: Appears to be on his knees, one arm over a wound and the other holding Yamoto, looking down and breathing heavy.


Win: Holds his keyblade over his shoulder and smiles.

Lose: Sora is shown floating in darkness with his heart hovering above him.



  • If Jin loses, it is implied that he loses himself to the Devil Gene, since he appears as Devil Jin at the Results Screen.
  • Erol's losing result screen is a reference to his supposed death in Jak II where his mask lied on the ground after he crashed into the Dark Eco barrels.
  • Sora's losing result screen is similar to when Sora is defeated in his series, in particular against a Heartless, costing him his heart.

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