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Ripper Roo

Ripper roo is a minor antagonist in crash bandicoot, crash 2, and CTR. He is [Dingodile 1]the minion of Dingodile and a playable character.


TNT toss- same as crash's but goes NO FURTHER than a gust of wind.

you chose... RIPPER!- roo makes A scary face, rises A little, and bites anyone in front of him.

Pogo a go go- he turns into Dr. roo and bounces on everyone's head with A Pogo stick.


intro: ripper is on N.sanity island, crying over cortex firing him. Cortex then appears to re-hire his former employee to help defeat you-know-who. Roo then partners up with pinstripe and warps to The other dimensions with the psychtron.

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