Shadow WorldEdit

Shadow World is a stage idea for any upcoming Playstation All Stars Battle Royale games. It is a mash up of the Persona series and the Gex series.

There is a trophy available for Yu Narukami if he uses his Level 3 Super move, All-Out Attack, on this stage.

Stage DescriptionEdit

The match starts in the typical battlefield used in Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden, with metal pillars in the background with widescreen TV's hanging off of them. Teddie is also seen in the background, cheering on random fighters and almost questioning why everyone's fighting. After a while has passed, surveillance monitors in the form of TV's start forming around the background and behind the foreground, as the middle of the floor just behind the fighters starts to cave into a circle shape, eventually turning the stage into Channel Z from Gex: Enter the Gecko, as Rez appears through one of the TV's and fires missiles at Teddie, scaring him off and flying into the middle of the arena and becoming a giant version of himself, and attacking the fighters on-screen. At the very end of the match, Teddie comes back and takes out Rez with a critical hit/Kintoki-Douji, and defeats him.

Characters appearing in stageEdit

  • Teddie (Persona 4)
  • Rez (Gex: Enter The Gecko)


The stage starts with a remixed version of "Pursuing My True Self" by Shoji Meguro from the Persona 4 Original Soundtrack, before leading into a remixed version of "Rez" by Kurt Harland from Gex: Enter The Gecko.

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