In Outworld, Shao Kahn has his own arena outside his palace fortress where the Konqueror will sometimes battle opponents himself. There are literally thousands of spectators that come to see their emperor crush opponents in battle. When not fighting, Shao Kahn observes the fight from his throne and enjoys the ensuing battles.



It starts as Shao Kahn's arena but then Le Paradox's blimp appears in background and then the Mechs start attacking, the crowd fleas, Tarkatans and Shao Kahn start fighting the Mechs. Also Tanya and Li Mei are trying their hardest to escape but can't.


  • Goro falls from the sky.
  • Kintaro fall from the sky.
  • Tarkatans will get thrown at the screen.
  • Mechs get thrown at the screen.


It starts as Shao Kahn's arena theme then adds in the Sly Cooper Thieves in Time theme.


Tanya chained up.


Li Mei chained up.

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