Silent Hill
Developer(s) Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Creature Labs, Climax Studios, Double Helix Games, Vatra Games, WayForward Technologies
Publisher(s) Konami, Konami Digital Entertainment
First Release January 31, 1999
Genre(s) Survival horror
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita

Silent Hill (Japanese: サイレントヒル Hepburn: Sairento Hiru?) is a survival horror video game series consisting of nine installments published by Konami and its subsidiary Konami Digital Entertainment. The first four games in the series, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4, were developed by an internal group called Team Silent, a development staff within former Konami subsidiary Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. The later five games, Silent Hill: Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, Downpour and Book of Memories, were developed by other, unrelated groups.

Silent Hill is set the series' eponymous fictitious American town. The series is heavily influenced by the literary genre of psychological horror, with its player characters being mostly "everymen." By contrast, other horror-themed games use a stronger protagonist through character backstory or direct game mechanics (more weapons, heavier emphasis on combat) such as Dead Space or Resident Evil, which is widely regarded as Silent Hill's strongest "rival".

The Silent Hill franchise has expanded to include various print pieces, two feature films, and spin-off video games.

Connection with All-StarsEdit


  • Silent Hill (PS1) 1999
  • Silent Hill 2 (PS2/PS3) 2001
  • Silent Hill 3' (PS2/PS3) 2003
  • Silent Hill 4: The Room' (PS2) 2004
  • Silent Hill: Origins (PSP/PS2) 2007
  • Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3) 2008
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP/PS2) 2009
  • Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3) 2012
  • Silent Hill: Book of Memories (Vita) 2012

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