Meat Factory
Primary Representation Splatterhouse
Secondary Representation Prototype

Slaughterhouse, also known as the Meat Factory, is a location in the 2010 Splatterhouse and one of HighLifeCola's stages for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It is a mash-up of Splatterhouse and Prototype.


The stage starts in the Slaughterhouse which contains rows of hanging carcasses and a few machines that are processing the meat. Moving conveyor belts will be set on the side as platforms which lead to hazards that would be used to slaughter animals for food. In the background, Biggy Man can be seen laughing at players who get caught in a hazard and will jump around, watching from different angles. About halfway through the battle, Elizabeth Greene from Prototype will erupt from the floor in the background, knocking Biggy Man away and destroying the factory, causing the converor belts to break down and be replaced with large chunks of debris that will fall onto the stage. As this happens, Blackwatch forces will arrive on stage to try and take Greene down. Greene will attack Blackwatch but she will often Slam down towards the players, sending shockwaves of spikes that will harm whoever touches them. Near the end of the battle, Blackwatch will eventually defeat Greene and she will fall to the ground, leaving the factory in a wreck.

Characters Appearing In-StageEdit


The first phase of the stage will feature the heavy rock piece "The Doll That Bled" by Howard Drossin for the 2010 Splatterhouse.

Splatterhouse (2010) Original Music Score - The Doll That Bled02:25

Splatterhouse (2010) Original Music Score - The Doll That Bled

When the next phase starts it will switch to "A Dream of Armageddon" by Sascha Dikicyan and Cris Velasco from Prototype.                                                                                                                                                                                  

PROTOTYPE OST - A Dream Of Armageddon03:08

PROTOTYPE OST - A Dream Of Armageddon


Stage Ideas
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