Song of energy
Primary Representation starhawk
Secondary Representation space channel 5
song of energy should be a DLC stage in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. It should be a mash-up of starhawk and space channel 5.



The stage starts out in the Basin rifters shoot outcast fight but three launch pad rifters take hawk and fly off three drop pod open it ulala with pudding pine wall forth and back 2 beam turret coming down left and right and rifters outcaste watch the show ulala dance and song later hawk walking ulala jump in with rifers and sonic hawk transformations flying off and rifters running and beam turret kill and outcast


While the first phase of the stage is still needed, the second phase of the stage should contain a remix to Homeworld  Space Channel 5 Main Theme  from starhawk and space channel 5

stage song of energyEdit

Stage Ideas
Bullworth IconHollywood IconOakside Park IconVendecentre IconMonopoly Street IconSlaughterhouse Icon

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