Supreme King
Vital statistics
Title Supreme King
Series of Origin Yu-Gi-Oh!
Based on The Supreme King of Dark World

Supreme King is an unlockable costume for Jaden Yuki, unlocked through DLC.

It is based off of Jaden's appearance when the Supreme King personality took over and tried to take over the Dark World. His Eyes are constantly the orange color Jaden's can become, so in animation where his eyes change color only his right eye turns green. Jaden's hero also take a darker appearance similar to what they looked like under the Supreme King and Aster Phoenix, and Bladeedge is replaced by Evil HERO Malicious Edge. His Polymerization also changes to Dark Fusion and Flame Wingman is replaced by Evil HERO Inferno Wing, Thunder Giant is replaced by Evil HERO Lightning Golem, Wildedge is replaced by Evil HERO Malicious Fiend, and Shining Flare Wingman is replaced by Evil HERO Dark Gaia, though aside from aesthetics their attacks remain the same.

Pallette SwapsEdit


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