Shut up and bleed you motherfu- -Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is the main character from the Twisted Metal series appearing in every single game. He was in the first All-Stars.


Twisted killer clown.

Sweet Tooth had a normal life. A job. A wife. Kids. A Family. But he had hated himself and one day became Sweet Tooth. Now as the diver as Sweet Tooth, he competes in Twisted Metal for many reasons however his main reason is to make sure no one escapes his path of death.



"Well it seems I have won Twisted Metal. I've escaped the grave but I'm a rusty. I think I should go find another tournament to be in then i'll find and kill Calypso." - Sweet Tooth


Name : Scorpion Reason : Sweet Tooth is flying his car when he see Scorpion walking through the rival arena. He lands and hides be hide a corner. Then he throws a fire in a bottle at him but Scorpion catches it. Then without looking at Sweet Tooth,Scorpion says "Nice trick. Let's see if I can match it." Then Sweet Tooth

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