Tank Dempsy is hero of world war and master of defiting zombies.
Tank Dempsy
Young Tank Dempsey Origins BOII
Voiced By Steve Blum
Franchise Call of Duty
Debut Call of Duty:World at War(Verruct,Shi no Numa(playable)
Rival Risky Boots


"Tank Dempsey: American hero. Hand him a loaded weapon, a good woman, and something to shoot at and he is happy. Enrage him and he will rip your guts out and use them as a bandolier."— Dempsey's biography added with Map Pack 2 in Call of Duty: World at War.

Tank Dempsy is traveling to space and time to helping Dr. Edward Richtofen destroying the earth on next timeline,he saved Samantha Maxis from Agartha and he kiled klones of his team and the Revelations he defeat the Shadow Man and save his world.

Legasy of Tank Dempsy

Call of Duty:World at war(Shi No Numa,Der Rise)

Call of Duty:Black Ops 1(Kino der Toten,Ascension,Shangri-La,Moon)

Call of Duty:Black Ops 2(Origins)

Call of Duty:Black Ops 3(The Giant,Der Eisendrache,Zetsubou No Shima,Gorod Krovi, Revelations)

Arcade Edit

Opening Edit

" "That's end"-tell me Richtofen if we finished-Apoticons never come back and we have good place on history." That is right but i think our work is not over,I hear that sombody call force on other universes Apoticons or more poverful forse"Coming to teleporter:"If i right,i have many work on this day and i done it,whoever was found in my way."

Rival Edit

Name:Risky Boots.

Reason:Dempsy walking on Rival Stage and saying:"I see more creatures but this is unnormal"Saying on Risky:"Hay,you know who collectng this creatures?"She answer:"Sereosly,I don't know?"He say:"That"s worst then I supposed,but still on plan."She say:"Come-on open it!Why you don't open?Wait!"Sayin on Dempsy:"Tell me,why you here?"He answer:"You don't need to know about it."She say:"So in that case,you the guardian of treasure and you must be defeted."He say:"Alright,try it.But remember,if you're gonna beg me for mercy I will take that battle could have been avoided."

Conection:This caracters are servant Risky is servant of evil,Tank Dempsy is servant of good.{if you have beter conection leave it in the comments }

Ending Edit

"Object been neutralized and all of this creatures,and this is finaly over and final part,i found the energy which is better than 115 and i know how use it.

Gameplay Edit

Dempsy multi-range caracter and have a lot of medium range stun effects.

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