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Terraformed Planet
Terraformed Planet
Primary Representation Turok (2008)
Secondary Representation Transformers
Turok valley
Terraformed Planet is a DLC stage made by Jacky 50A that is primarily respresenting the Turok (2008) and the secondary is representing Transformers.


You will fight in a valley seen in the picture. There are no platforms available. In the background, you will see Mama Scarface being caged by several MG Soldiers. After some minutes, Mama Scarface will break free of the cage and became a hazard, by eating the characters in the battlefield, It can make characters lose a lot of AP, around 35 AP. Then, after some more minutes, suddenly, the sky is darkened and Mama Scarface looks up, and then, the Combaticons dropped above Mama Scarface and began to try capturing Mama Scarface. Then, the hazard came, sometimes, one of the Combaticons will fire at Mama Scarface, but Mama will dodge and finally, the shot can hit one of the characters. Then, after a while, Mama Scarface was shot, but delivers a "helping" roar before dies. MG Soldiers suddenly came again and attacks the Combaticons. Now, the hazard is that one of the Combaticons can throw one of the MG Soldiers to the field, capable of draining one of the characters' AP. Then, a Giganotosaurus leaped to the background and beginning to kill every MG soldiers and the Combaticons. The Combaticons then merged to Bruticus to capture the Giganotosaurus. When at this section, there is no hazard. But, when the timer is nearly out, the Giganotosaurus managed to destroy Bruticus by ramming them, making them falling over the cliff. Then, the Giganotosaurus roars to the air and looks at the continuing fighting of the characters. After the match ends, the GIganotosaurus left the battlefield and one of the Combaticons still survives and flies in its vehicle form.

Characters Appearing On The StageEdit


  • Mama Scarface
  • MG Soldiers.
  • Giganotosaurus


  • Combaticons
    • Onslaught
    • Brawl
    • Blast Off
    • Swindle
    • Vortex
  • Bruticus (Combaticons merged)

Gallery Of The CharactersEdit


  • Mama Scarface
  • MG Soldier
  • Giganotosaurus


  • Combaticons
  • Bruticus


  • This stage is a nod to the rivalry of Joseph Turok and Grimlock.
  • The Combaticon that is seen in the "ending" of the stage is Vortex, in the "ending", Vortex uses his Helicopter form and changes to his Jet form.
  • The MG Soldiers shown are the MG Grunts, the lowest rank of MG Soldiers.
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