Used by Erol
Super Level Level 3
Type Transform
"I win! *laughs*"

Terraformer is Erol's Level 3 Super Move.


Erol and his opponents are teleported to the Terraformer, which Erol pilots, and attacks them with the head and its beams. Throughout this, the opponents are attacked by two varieties of Dark Makers; the ground Troopers and the aerial Hornets, both of whose attacks stun the opponents if not blocking.

Music: Dark Maker Finale



  • Left head slam - Btn square
  • Middle head slam - Btn triangle
  • Right head slam - Btn circle
  • Left-to-right beam - Btn r1
  • Right-to-left beam - Btn l1


This is based on the final battle of Jak 3, where Erol pilots the Terraformer and battles Jak and Daxter.

  • The Terraformer from a distance.
  • The top of the Terraformer.
  • Dark Maker Trooper.
  • Dark Maker Hornet.


  • Terraformer has the most attacks out of any Level 3 Super with five attacks.
  • It is the third super to teleport the opponents somewhere else, the others being Dead Space and Wrath of Zeus.
  • It has the slowest attack speed of any Level 3 Super in the game, the second-slowest being Wrath of Zeus.
    • To make up for this, the Dark Maker's attacks stun any opponents that don't block.

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