Inside the Fade
The Fade
The fade
Demons do not create everything in the Fade. They set the stage, as it were, and we fill it with our own dreams and nightmares.
Primary Representation Dragon Age: Inquisition
Secondary Representation Gravity Falls
Appears in Playstation Allstars Fanfiction Royale
The Fade, known by the Dalish--and some humans--as the Beyond, is a metaphysical realm that is tied to Thedas and separated by the Veil, it is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Dragon Age: Inquisition and Gravity Falls

Description Edit

you start off fighting among the demons living within the mysterious Fade, as the battle progresses more and more demons appear and soon become a stage hazard attacking the fighters at random, when the Pride Demon appears and starts attacking thats when the mashup begins as a blue firey beam hits all of the demons, and a yellow flat pyramid appears with a single eye black arms with 4 fingers on each hand black legs a black bowtie and a black top hat to match, then blue flames rain down from the sky as a giant dimentional rift appears turning the green tinted sky red and flying eyebats come out of the rift flowing like a swarm, Bill Cipher (if you did not choose dipper as your player character) will attack any of the fighters on the ground however if you are playing as Dipper pines then bill cipher will instead help you in defeating the other fighters, the nightmare demon however will appear in the backdrop and attack the rift and soon a green beam comes from a area in the background forcing the rift to close in on itself sucking in all of the eyebats and bill cipher as well ending the mashup, the demons return until the cycle repeats itself,

Characters appearing on the stage Edit

Demons (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Pride Demon (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Bill Cipher (Non-playable) (Gravity Falls)

Eyebats (Gravity Falls)

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