The Hundred KnightEdit

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knights 2013 05-02-13 002

a small creature that might be the legendary familiar known as the hundred knight. now contracted by the swamp witch metallia to help turn the world into a swamp. he is a silent protagonist with a goofy look on his face most of the time


" square button"- sword, spear

" triangle button" - lance, hammer, staff: status effect

" circle button"- staff :close range, staff long range( 3 fireballs), and tochka: mini Knight


level one

level two:

level three:Chaos revelation

Winning animationEdit

Pillar bloom

boss battle victory


Losing animationEdit

  • falls down looks confused
  • gigacals go down to zero  torch turns red


  •  default :Wonder knight
  • Power fortress
  • Marginal gaze
  • trick screamer
  • shinobi assassin
  • noble raptor

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