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The Lone Wanderer is the Protagonist of Fallout 3. He's playable in Playstation All Star's 2 return of polygon man. He mainly use's ground and air attack's. He's also one of the playable character's that came from a FPS RPG and the second one also including the big daddy from PSABR too because Bioshock Had RPG element's in it,

Arcade Opening:The Lone Wanderer is leaving the Capital Wasteland before seeing a rift to the contest of the All Star's and join's in the fight.

Rival:The Dragonborn (Skyrim)

Reason:The Lone wanderer is examing and impressed by the rival arena before seeing a man in a helmet with part's for his eye's to fit in to the helmet. The Lone Wanderer believe's it's a raider and so prepare's to fight it with his fist's.

Connection:Both are from game's devolped by Obsidian Entertainment and both make good crossover's Fallout 3 due to the RPG element's and The Elder Scroll's 5 Skyrim due to the beatifulness of the world.

Ending:The Lone wanderer is heading back to the capital wastelabd with a shotgun and the helmet of the dragonborn in his pocket's but the shotgun's on his back meaning that he stole the dragonborn's helmet.


Square move's

Square Punch just a punch to right or left if you tilt the left stick

Sqaure Up Uppercut a powerful uppercut

Square Down a Punch to the ground

Circle Pistol The Lone wanderer get's out a pistol and fire's it

Circle Up Grenade Toss The Lone Wanderer tosses a grenade

Circle Down Grenade Drop The lone wanderer drop's a grenade

Triangle Shotgun The Lone Wanderer get's out a shotgun and fires it.

(Can't be bothered with the rest of triangle move's)

Costume's:Vault 101 Jumpsuit A blue and yellow jumpsuit from vault 101.

Raider The outfit of a raider worn by the wanderer.

Taunt's:Lock and load:The wanderer fire's a shotgun and smile's evilly

Pip-boy!!:The wanderer get's out a pip-boy and shake's it

Intro's:Suprise!! The lone wanderer stand's in shade and then jump's out

Well Done The Lone wanderer clap's

Outro's:I'm better The Lone wanderer smile's and say's I'm better

Crud The Lone wanderer mutter's crud as he walk's away

Winning screen:The Lone Wanderer is laughing and clapping

Losing screen:the lone wanderer is sobbing and his face look's like a emotion of being defeated.

And so that's a fallout representative

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