{{Template:Infobox Stage |Location: Adventure Bay |name: The Lookout! |caption: The PAW Patrol's headquarters!


|primary: PAW Patrol |secondary: The Cabin in the Woods

The Lookout is a level from PAW Patrol and serves as Ryder's home stage. And it is a crossover with PAW Patrol and The Cabin in the Woods.


The stage starts in the Observatory of the Lookout, with Robo-Pup viewing monitors to see if there is any trouble in Adventure Bay. Halfway through the stage, the monitors then show a few clips from The Cabin in the Woods, until the Lookout transforms into the Control Room from the Movie. In which the stage hazard is an occurring stampede of monsters that attack on the ground, along with the Dragonbat, Father Buckner and Kraken if any of the fighters are too close to the ceiling!

Characters appearing in the stageEdit

  • Robo-Pup
  • Father Buckner
  • Dragonbat
  • Kraken


The music is a combination of the main PAW Patrol theme, along with Marlyn Manson's cover of I Put A Spell on You once the stage switches to it's Cabin in the Woods moment

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