The Nexus
Dead-Space-3-Nexus-Concept-Art 656x369
Nexus in Dead Space 3 art
Voiced By N/A
Franchise Dead Space
Appears in PlaySation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Dead Space 3

The Nexus is a massive Necromorph encountered in Dead Space 3 as a boss. Much like the Hive Mind encountered on Aegis VII, the Nexus serve as ground commanders for lesser Necromorphs, telepathically broadcasting Marker signals and coordinating infestations. He appears as a hazard in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

The Nexus appears as a hazard on the Titania stage. She appears halfway during the battle and starts to create chaos on the stage. She then also battles some of the villagers who are protecting the castle. Eventually a Dark Priest will appear on the tower and cast an area curse which hits the Nexus and causes it to fall down on the tower also killing the Dark Priest.

Polygon Man can also transform into a Nexus when he is fought in the stage Boss Arena. It will only do the inhale attack, and only appears when the DLC stage is bought.


The Nexus primary uses only two moves in the Titania stage. Its first attack is that it uses its tentacles to slam down into the building creating gaps in it all the way down to the lowest floor. The second attack is that it lowers its mouth to two floors (1st&2nd/2nd&3rd/3rd&4th) and will begin to inhale the opponents if they are on that floor. The Nexus spits them out afterwards along with AP orbs she drained from them. She will always destroy the building first before beginning to inhale.

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