"You got lives on you, hard to kill. Storms, bullets, sand and wind, yet you still walk."

-Ulysses to the Courier

'The' Sixth Courier (aka Courier 6 or Courier) is the main protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas and an upcoming DLC character in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.




The Courier, as Ron Perlman narrates, is in the middle of focusing on finding Benny, the secondary antagonist of Fallout: New Vegas, and getting the Platinum Chip back inorder to deliver it to it's rightful owner, and revenge. With the help of his new friends, such as ED-E (Eyebot Duraframe Subject E), Cass, Craig Boone, Veronica, Rex, etc., the Courier's goal would have a high chance to be acchomplished. But, before the second when the Courier opens the front doors of The Tops Casino, a radio transmission was sent to the Courier's Pipboy. Turns out the transmission was from the "previous" courier (Ulysses) that was assigned to bring the Platinum Chip to its reciever. The "previous" courier's message says that Courier Six may have alot of questions right now, and he promises to answer those questions by meeting him in the Divide. As the message ends, the Courier, the new one for less confusion, seeks out a new quest. But he cannot do it alone...


Name: The Protagonist (Saints Row)

Reason: As the courier enters an unfamiliar dimension (Rival Arena Stage), he was approached by the Protagonist. The Protagonist 'rudely" asks if the Courier knows how to get out of this dimension and get back home. The Courier shakes his head and shrugs as a response, and attempts to leave. But before he could make his second step, the Protagonist demands to return immediately and don't be a "Jerk-Off," since the conversation isn't over. The Courier stops and turns his head towards the Protagonist, glaring at the Protagonist offendedly and shaking his head. As the Courier begins to continue his path again, the Protagonist walks fastly towards him, cocks his .44 shepard pistol, and points the gun on the back of the Courier's head. The Protagonist repeats his demand, telling the Courier to answer him, or else. After the Courier hears the demand, his face was shown blank to an angry expression by the cause of Deja Vu. A second later, the Courier slowly raises both of his hands, turns around, turns to VATS mode, targets the Protagonists weapon, and accepts the action, punching the .44 shepard off of the Protagonist's hand. The Protagonist looks at the Courier with an angry expression, gaping his mouth  open. After a few seconds of silence, the camera shows the back of the Courier's Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit (or a different costume) on the left, and the Protagonist on the right. The Protagonist tells the Courier that he will wish to never mess with the Saints, ending the statement with "#!%hole."

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