The Station is an upcoming Live-Action/CGI film based on PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale. The film's tagline is "It's a fight to survive... or is it?"


The film focuses on Cole MacGrath as the protagonist. Transported to another dimension by a lightning strike, he soon discovers that he, along with others like him, have been summoned for a grand tournament: branded as a contestant in this battle royale. The losers die and the winner gets another chance at life, however; Cole MacGrath soon discovers that the grand prize may actually be more sinister than it seemed.


  • Eric Ladin - Cole MacGrath
  • TC Carson - Kratos (voice only)
  • Bill Goldberg - Sweet Tooth
  • Hugo Weaving - Colonel Radec
  • Angelina Jolie - Nariko
  • Jerry Lambert - Polygon Man
  • Liam Neeson - Zeus

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