Wwe 2k14 undertaker retro render cutout by thexrealxbanks-d6nz2t1

Undertaker (Retro) As He Appears In Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

1 BiographyEdit

Undertaker Hails From Houston Texas The Son Of Frank Calaway He Made His Debut At WWF Survivor Series In 1990 Beginning Of The Undertaker's Career

2 ArcadeEdit

2.1 Opening:Edit

It Starts Out At The Graveyard In 1995 Where Undertaker's Purple Gloved Hand Rose From The Ground Undertaker Meets An Lovely Young Girl With Black/Red Hair And Light Aqua Blue Eyes Wearing An Black Outfit Showing Her White Stomach With An Tattoo On Her Neck Wearing Guns As Her Arms Undertaker Immediately Asked Who She Was She Happily Tells Undertaker That Her Name Is Bayonetta But Bayonetta Tells Undertaker That She Was The Younger Version Undertaker Was Speechless And She Immediately Befriends The Undertaker

2.2 Rival:Edit

His rivals would be either Bayonetta or Rouge so it's unknown.

2.3 Ending:Edit

Undertaker (Retro) At The Grave Of Paul Bearer Wearing His 1995 Casual Attire Paying His Respects To His Former Manager For 6 Years He Raises His Left Hand Up In The Sky As Lightning Strikes Repeatedly And The Sky Turns Completely Dark

3 GameplayEdit

3.1 Moveset:Edit

His Moveset Is Based Off Of Undertaker (Retro) From WWE 2K14

4 QuotesEdit

"You Shall Never See The Light Of Day Again"

"Don't Mess With The Deadman"

"Rest In Peace"

"You Will Rest In Peace"

"You Have Been Warned"

5 Intros, Outros And Taunts AnimationsEdit

They Are From WWE 2K14

6 CostumesEdit

1994-96 Attire

7 GalleryEdit

8 TriviaEdit

Despite Being Undertaker's Clone He Is The Original Undertaker

His Alliance With Bayonetta Marked Undertaker Joining The Good Side

His Tombstone Piledriver Serves As His Usual Finisher According To Amy (Soul Calibur: Broken Dreams) She Also Appears As Undertaker's 2nd Ally

Undertaker (Retro)
Voiced By Voiced By: Mark Calaway
Franchise WWE
Appears in Appears In: WWE 2K14, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
Debut WWF Steel Cage Challenge
Rival Sora

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