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the overlords castle is a stage in playstation allstars . the location is from Disgaea and

stage descriptionEdit

opens with pleinair and usagi broadcasting  new show with your epic fight as the next segment. pan up and you see you are across a lake of lava from the overlords castle. pleinair and usagi ( usagi doing the talking) act as announcers for this fight. on the battle field are geo symbols on ground that is colored in different segments whatever color the geo symbols are on their effect will be in place on those panels after the battle ends etna does a humorous and random next episode segment

geo symbol effectsEdit

  • ap gain + 25%
  • warp - changes your location to another random same colored panel
  • no close combat
  • no ranged combat
  • no throwing
  • disperse damage
  • clone - creates 5th character that is clone of  a character on the field they cannot have  score and once killed they do not reappear

characters appearingEdit

  • etna - disgaea
  • pleinair - disgaea
  • usagi disgaea

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