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Time Station

The creature Spector wanted to summon

Like the Gargoyle Wisecracks and the Buzz Questions pages, This page is dedicated for DLC contact for the Time Station stage.

Here's a list of DLC summons for the Time Station stage.


  • The Smuggler and his parrot (Ratchet and Clank)-A Pipo Monkey jumps on the Smuggler & Smuggler freaks out that he's on him. The parrot flys away when the monkey is on him.
  • Toothpick (Sly Cooper)-Toothpick turns big when he sees the Pipo Monkey and starts summoning tornado to shew it away (causing the big boxes to explode as well).
  • Fat Princess's Thrown (Fat Princess)-A Pipo Monkey messes around while on  the thrown.
  • Zarok (Medievil)-Zarok appemts to turn a Pipo Monkey into a zombie.
  • Elizabeth (Bioshock: Infinity)-Dodges like how Zelda did in the Smash Brothers series and tries to shoot a Pipo Monkey.
  • Giraffe (When Vikings Attack!)-A Pipo Monkey rides on a Giraffe
  • Spider (Cut The Rope)-A Spide successfully catures a Pipo Monkey whil on it's web.
  • Gilda the Griffon (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)-A Pipo Monkey dose the same thing with the God of War harpie when she's summoned.
  • Cyberman (Doctor Who) - A Pipo Monkey will be chased around by the Cyberman as it tries to shoot it.

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