Great Gorge
Great Gorge topdown
Primary Representation Fat Princess
Secondary Representation Dead Space

Titania is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Fat Princess and Dead Space.


Titania is from the game, Fat Princess. The stage is mainly based on the appearance of The Great Gorge, which is a level of the game. The stage is four floors high, and features several small buildings on the floors in the background. After playing on the stage for some time the Nexus will appear and break the top of the castle, allowing Nexus to attack. After some time Nexus slams down with its tentacles creating gaps in the stage all the way down to the first floor. From this point some of the villagers will begin to attack the Nexus, while Nexus fights back. It quickly kills all of the villagers and then focuses on the stage again. It will lower down to a certain floor (it's mouth takes up two floors) and begin to inhale. You must not be on one of the two floors she is else you will get sucked up and lose AP, and get thrown on the highest floor again afterwards. It does this several times until the battle it over.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit

Stage Ideas
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